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Terribly Wrong Emmy Nominations

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There is not a single award system on this planet that is not but deeply flawed. Emmys are often subject for public scorn for regally messing up their nominations, and this year is no different. Let’s take a quick look at the absolutely wrong nominations for this year’s Emmy Awards:

Jason Bateman for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series:

In all honesty, this nomination has more to do with Bateman’s star power than his acting. Jason, who also directs and produces this crime- thriller, has won another consecutive nomination for his role as Marty Byrde. Now Jason undoubtedly makes us go gaga, but I’m not sure if I can say the same for Marty. The Academy might have feared a massive outburst from Jason fans for his exclusion from the category; thus, they let him sit in. But again here we have Jason fans, not Marty fans. Marty who is a financial advisor from Chicago has unarguably a deceptive and disarming charm. But that is literally it. It’s a portrayal of a ‘hero turned villain turned back hero’, something that has already been done. In fact, done so many times in thrillers that it is not even intriguing anymore.

Marty, the good suburban white dude who goes bad, launders money for a Mexican drug cartel. At times we have binge-watched episodes for him, while at other times things are too disconcertingly gonzo.  Things here are too subtly mediocre, so why not let the more deserving candidate get some spotlight?

Curb Your Enthusiasm for Outstanding Comedy Series:

No shit, but the comeback season of this once hilarious show was downright lame. Its excessive recognition at the Emmys is not quite understandable and just reinforces the idea of Academy favoritism.  There are half-baked subplots and the humor isn’t exactly as ageless as it used to be. Every episode was a wait for the next episode to be better; a disposition that would carry along for the entire season.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is a perfect example of how age-old ideas cannot fit in the modern society. Without realizing internet scrutiny, Curb Your Enthusiasm relies on provocative comedy including gender role prejudice and sarcastic takes on Islamic decrees. Curb Your Enthusiasm’s latest season tries hard to be as funny as its past ones, but it really isn’t. So what is the nomination about?

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for Outstanding Comedy Series:

If Modern family can pave way for newly found treasures, so can Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt do too. This aging comedy series from Netflix has become so redundant over time that things aren’t even laughable anymore. No wonder the network had call quits on the show.

Kimmy is exactly what the problem with Emmys is. They continue to nominate favorites despite downturns in quality. And, this creates even a bigger problem. With a massive influx of shows around and scarcity of seats to sit on, the more deserving candidates get left out. ‘One Day at a Time’ from the same network could have safely occupied Kimmy’s seat. Unfortunately, this did not become the case.

Fahrenheit 451 for Outstanding TV Movie:

Nominated probably by the same people who voted for Trump, this nomination is beyond shocking. It was literally an embarrassing adaptation of a classic source material. Why is it even on the list? JUST WHY? With a C+ from IndieWire, the movie’s only saving grace was its star cast: Michael Jordan and Michael Shannon. And even they did not win nominations for their performances!

Practically the one thing that this nomination screams to tell us is that Emmy needs to reconsider its Outstanding TV Movie category. Either merge it or scrap it. Because when such smoke-blowing players get Emmy seats, it becomes demeaning for capable shows that are sitting out of other categories.

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