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Mark Wahlberg’s Daily Schedule is Inspiring

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By the looks of it, Mark Wahlberg might top the list of the most hard-working people in Hollywood. The star has revealed his daily schedule on Instagram. And it’s maddening enough to send a lot many people into depression. It seems like the world finally has an explanation for his success as an actor, producer, model, rapper, businessman and songwriter.

Mark Wahlberg Reveals His Daily Schedule

Mark Wahlberg’s schedule can definitely be intimidating for us. As per his Instagram post, he wakes up at 2.30 am in the morning. And then offers his prayers fifteen minutes later. Almost forty-five minutes after waking up, the star eats his daily breakfast. Then comes a workout session of almost one hour and thirty-five minutes followed by a post-workout meal around 5.30 am. At 6 am, Mark Wahlberg would take his morning shower before he goes off to play golf at 7.30 am.

Like all of us, Mark Wahlberg believes in snacking regularly. There is one scheduled at 8 am, then 10.30 am, and then 3.30 pm. Between the morning snack and lunch at 1 pm, Mark does a lot. Mostly, cryo chamber recovery, and responding to work calls, attending meetings and spending time with family. After lunch, he normally gets back to his work calls and other appointments. But that does not stop him from fulfilling his responsibilities as a father. At 3 in the afternoon, Mark Wahlberg himself picks his children from school. There is another workout session at 4 pm followed by a shower and some quality time with family at dinner. Finally, he retires into bed early around 7.30 pm. And after all this in just a day, he probably needs some rest by that time.

What’s probably even more impressive than this totally packed healthy routine is that Wahlberg manages to strictly stick to his schedule.

People Reacting to Wahlberg’s Schedule

Mark Wahlberg’s schedule is definitely not regular for us. And not something that Twitter users would let pass without turning it into a hilarious joke.

Twitter soon exploded with people sharing their own schedules while trying to mock  Wahlberg for his discipline. But to be fair, their schedules seemed a lot more believable and relatable to us.

Representatives of Mark Wahlberg were reached out to comment on the scenario. But they refused. Maybe, the star is regretting his decision to go public with it. But maybe he can consider some changes based on these Twitter suggestions?

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