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Jessica Alba Hottie Takes Husband To TikTok Dance Challenge

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Hollywood celebrity Jessica Alba is back again with her TikTok dance, this time bringing husband Cash Warren along as well. However, like most dads, he doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about this little video. Alba shared another dance video as the couple danced in their sleeping suits in, what seems like, their wardrobe. For Warren, he might be there physically, but the hilarious clip shows he was not there in spirit.

Jessica Alba Dances For TikTok With Husband

“Fill in the caption”, Jessica Alba asks in the TikTok video she uploaded to Instagram. She is definitely referring to her husband who might be standing beside her in support, but certainly did not share similar emotions. As usual, Alba was flaunting her sweet hip curves, even though she was wearing loose pajamas. But then again, how could she hide that figure while swiveling her hips to the music? As for her husband, he seemed to be having a hard time displaying the same level of energy.

“I torture my husband #happyathome”

That is the caption Alba wrote on her TikTok video, cleary knowing how reluctant her man was during the TikTok dance. Even in the comments section, people could see the straight facial expressions of the man beside Alba. He was doing everything except give a cheerful face. Take a look at their dance video below:


The last time Jessica Alba did a TikTok dance challenge, she went viral over the internet. Because let’s face it, it’s not everyday one gets to see such a flirty dance on a TikTok challenge. Later, she introduced her fans to her ASMR setup on her YouTube channel. Now, not only will we get to see her dance, but we can also listen to her whispering to make up videos. We don’t know about you but it certainly sends shivers down our spine while listening to it. Take a look:



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