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Insatiable Picked up for Season 2 In spite of Bad Reviews

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Netflix took a lot of risk with it’s new series Insatiable. The problematic series which centered on stereotyping fat women is returning back with a season 2. But this decision to bring it back makes very little sense as it received major backlash from the public.

‘Insatiable’ Returns With Season 2

The renewal of Insatiable with a season 2 is now official. The cast of the show confirmed this themselves in an Instagram video as per the Deadline report. The  CBS TV Studios production created by Lauren Gussis starring Debby Ryan, Dallas Roberts, and Alyssa Milano will return in 2019 on Netflix. Although no official details have been released yet, the return has been confirmed. But it’s probably defined that this edition would not be much different from season 1. And undoubtedly, it would be met with similar negativity.

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The Plot Of ‘Insatiable’

Probably Insatiable has one of the worst flawed plots that anybody could ever think of. The show revolves around a fat girl named Petty. Apparently, she has been bullied for years because she was fat. Not just that, but she was ignored completely by those around her since she was considered unworthy of love. But after going through a tragedy that put her on a liquid diet, she lost a whole lot of weight.

Now the thin, insanely attractive girl is wanted by everyone. A disgraced attorney, Bob Armstrong even decides to coach her to become the top pageant queen in the country. But what he did not see was that Petty was capable of going to every extent to revenge those who harmed her when she was overweight. Her rage was too deep, and it was certainly payback time for a lot of her enemies.

The story line might seem interesting to a lot of you out there. But in reality, it’s not much more than a dark, twisted revenge comedy that is purely derogatory to those who suffer from eating disorders or are insecure of their body weight. Similar to a lot many disgusting examples on television, Insatiable was all about fat-shaming and stereotyping women based on their weight. In fact, the only lesson it gave out was that fat women can not be loved. And there’s probably nothing more pathetic that Netflix could choose to air.

‘Insatiable’ Defends Itself

Insatiable had the intent of sparking debate among viewers based on the society’s ills. But instead, it quickly got slammed as fat-shaming, homophobic and deprecating transgender people. People were arguing that the show could instigate a lot of people into developing eating disorders. And that it told women that in order to be successful and loved, they had to work to be thin. Before it even got released, people signed petitions for Netflix to cancel it. Almost 200,000 people approved the petition but even then, the show did not really suffer.

Since the backlash did not stop pouring in, the creator of Insatiable herself decided to defend the series. She said the trailer did not represent the show but was only giving a picture of how the story starts. She said that she herself had suffered from eating disorders. And that the story by no means showed that someone had to be thin to become happy and attain what she wants. But it still had to start somewhere.

However, it did little to change what people believed about the show. And frankly, Netflix viewers are not happy with it returning for season 2.

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