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Why Tiger King Getting Dethroned On Netflix Is A Sane Trend

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After enjoying 25 regals days at the very top of Netflix watchlist, Tiger King has finally come down, its position grabbed by the very unlikeliest challenger. This challenger is none other than Despicable Me, one of Pixar‘s fan-favorite movies. It’s a welcoming choice by people who wanted Netflix &Chill but got “Netflix and what the hell is going on!” Although people have enjoyed the memes, it is its crazy touch that makes it so watchable and viral. It is about the real-life story of Carole Baskin versus Joe Exotic that made its entirety so thrilling. However, that was then, and we are glad it is over.

Tiger King Coming Down To Make Way For Meaningfulness

Yes, we have enjoyed a lot of Exotic memes, even danced to the new Tiger King-themed remix of Megan Thee Stallion-approved Savage. Yet, we are glad that better sense has prevailed, and one of the most unexpected, yet our favorite, shows took over.

While so many people are watching the show, it doesn’t hide the fact that its a messy and opportunistic docuseries. It highlighted the worst of true crimes, sensationalizing it to the maximum. Unfortunately, it has become a relentless obsession, even children getting on board to dress up as a person who hired someone for murder. It reached to such a point that in a serious presidential press briefing, a reporter diverted from the topic to ask if President Trump would pardon Joe.

When the whole world locked itself in their world, Tiger King was there. There to provide anything but responsible documentation. An interesting narrative in a well-laid out complex event, showcasing real tragedies, abuse and people with their emotions. This was missing. In actuality, it turned everything it touched into a joke. Perhaps the show needed it very much, a compulsion to succeed on Netflix. Because what better way to watch a real-life murder story without the spice of entertainment? Without which it would have been impossible to grab attention. Despicable Me coming out on top after 25 cringing days is like a welcoming trend. Because while it would have been a boring show, a bummer even, real events could have been told in a much factual manner.

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