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A Journey Through Emmys’ Hosts

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The Emmys are just round the corner again. And with the glamorous award shows approaching again, it’s essential to take a look back up into the past. Obviously, hosting the Emmys is hard. But made even more challenging with the thought that will the hosting be good enough for the celebrities to receive a call back next time? Probably not. Maybe, the return invites come back to the same hosts after the next four years. And that would be because four different networks ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC rotate the Emmys between themselves now.

For any successful show, it is essential for the host to be good. The hosting automatically delivers the theme and atmosphere for the entire night. And nothing makes a red carpet event more fun than a talented host who knows how to tackle his audience best. And Emmys have definitely seen a variety of hosting patterns over the years. But it finally seems like instead of actors, Emmys are now searching for home talents in the hosts. Mostly, selecting late-night hosts for the festivities. And that guarantees one thing- a whole lot of signing and dancing on the great stage!

Here’s a brief look back into the best and worst hosts we have had for the Emmys. Obviously calling someone the worst host for the Emmys might not be a very fine decision. But based on performances, the Emmy hosts are ranked.

The Worst Hosts For The Emmys

Well, frankly speaking, anybody who missed the 2008 Emmys did not really lose much. And in fact, they might have been just lucky since hosting for that one made the whole ceremony a terrible affair. The producers nominated 5 different hosts for the night. And these were Tom Bergeron, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Jeff Probst and Ryan Seacrest. After the first few minutes of awkward puns, the hosts were able to manage just a few pity laughs. And soon, Jeff Probst announced that they really had nothing. And maybe, it was the truth in his statement that made it actually funny. Despite the fact that all of these hosts were brilliant at their own shows, they just did not do well as a group. Or were not suited to host the award shows.

In 2003, Fox chose 11 presenters to host the Emmys. And this team included  Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Garrett, Darrell Hammond, George Lopez, Conan O’Brien, Bernie Mac, Dennis Miller, Garry Shandling, Martin Short, Jon Stewart and Wanda Sykes. Even though all of them presided over different segments of the show, but did they not overshadow everyone else? During whatever time any of these hosts spent on the stage, nobody else was able to stand out. And overall, they looked quite overstuffed.

Surprisingly, someone as good at hosting as Jimmy Kimmel failed at the Emmys stage. He was the host for the 2012 ceremony. And he gave us some great opening moments including the one with naked Lena Dunham eating cake on a toilet. But for the rest of it, his jokes, mockery and gigantic pranks were definitely poor attempts and it seemed like he had lost his touch.

The Best Hosts For The Emmys

One of the best Emmys was right after US faced it’s greatest ever tragedy. Ellen DeGeneres hosted the 2001 Emmys which got delayed. Firstly, because of the 9/11 attack and then the war in Afghanistan. But her performance on stage surely was worth the wait. Undeniably, Ellen DeGeneres exceeded all expectations. Her hosting was the perfect combination of humor and heart. In fact, she even joked about the Taliban giving the audience a good laughter.

Jimmy Fallon was once again adding the perfect light to the awards show in 2010. His opening number included Tina Fey, Jon Hamm and Betty White which instantly won over the crowd. And although a lot many hosts have later tried to imitate it, very few could do it as well as Fallon did.

Although the list for great Emmys hosts is quite lengthy but our favorite ones would definitely include the 2015 host Andy Samberg. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star opened the segment by revealing the true secret of Peak TV. But his monologue had a very timely Trump joke that could win over any audience.

The Hosts For 2018 Emmys

It’s only a matter of few days before the awards season officially opens up. The 2018 Emmy Awards will be held on 17th September. And co-hosted by Michael Che and Colin Jost. Commonly, there would be very few people strangers to these names.

Colin Jost is best known for his role in Saturday Night Live. And here he launched his career as a writer back in 2005. By the looks of it, Colin Jost is following Tina Fey’s footsteps and his career somewhat looks like a replica of hers. Colin Jost is dating Scarlett Johansson since May last year. But the couple initially met a decade ago when she hosted the show in 2006. Michael Che- the co-host for Emmys this year is also a writer on the sets of SNL. The stand-up comedian and actor also serves as a co-anchor on Weekend Update. And this time two stars from Saturday Night Live are coming together to host one of the greatest award shows in history.

Colin Jost and Michael Che are working on increasing the viewership for Emmys this year. They are deciding on the fun elements that would suit the audience. But their priority is what would be fun to do. With political jokes being a very safe option, the duo plans on making sense of them. It seems like a lot of hard work is being invested into Emmys this year.

Let the countdown for Emmys 2018 begin!

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