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BTS SHATTERS Long-Standing YouTube Record!


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Add yet another reason for the BTS Army to Celebrate! The world-renowned KPOP group “BTS” is no stranger to breaking the records on social media. It hasn’t even been two weeks since the Boy Band broke a long-standing YouTube record with their hit single “DNA”.

The Successful KPOP Group Claims Yet Another YouTube Record!


DNA by BTS released in September 2017 and the KPOP fans have been showing love to the single since then. As of now, it has over 12 million likes and 960 million views. Reaching the milestone that is “1 billion views” seems like a real possibility now.

However, the view count of DNA is not the reason behind the BTS Army’s excitement. In fact, the single in question recently broke a YouTube record that has been untouchable for a long time.

The record we are talking about is *Drum Roll*… Most Comments on a YouTube video. Until recently, the record was held by Gangnam Style (PSY). Once the comment count on DNA crossed the 5.07 million mark, it officially became the most commented video. As of this moment, the video has racked up over 5.1 million comments and the number is increasing by the second!

DNA: Can BTS Fans take the Music Video to the Absolute Top?

You can argue all day long but KPOP has named yet another record to its name. Yes, it is still far behind many other videos, considering the number of views. As we mentioned above, the song has yet to break 1 billion views.

But the thing is that achieving the said YouTube record isn’t a rarity in the current age. Over 200 videos on the platform are now live with more than a billion views. Even though the BTS Army is constantly listening to DNA, it turns out that a significant number of the fans are playing it on different platforms such as Spotify.

Well, there’s no doubt that the KPOP fans will do their best to break every YouTube record that exists. It will be interesting to see whether the latest record of “most comments” will cause the army to play DNA on YouTube more frequently.

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