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George RR Martin Speaks Of Fans Who Harass Him For Not Writing

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We all know that fans of A Song of Ice and Fire are begging George RR Martin to finish his books. After all, Game of Thrones ended way before two of the major books are yet to be released. This fact gets even funnier when you realize that the show began 15 years after the first book was released. But, some fans have the capacity to cross their boundaries, and they end up harassing Martin. Here’s what he has to say about them.

George RR Martin speaks about people who harass him for Winds of Winter

Game of Thrones might be over, but the book fans are still hungry as ever. They’re all eagerly waiting for both Winds of Winter and a Dream of Springs. However, George RR Martin has been delaying their release dates for 8 years now. And because of the long wait, some fans end up harassing the writer on Twitter. They don’t understand that it’s still an art, and it can be very stressful. In response to that, George RR Martin had this to say when he was asked on a public appearance:

Some of them don’t seem to understand that writers are different from each other. I mean, they will point out to me some other writer and, you know, in the time you’ve been written Winds of Winter, he’s published 7 novels.

George RR Martin really wishes he could do it like those writers, but he can’t. He goes on to say that the internet has made the young generation restless and too eager for knowledge, which is not something his ‘boomer’ generation was used to. This creates a different set of expectations, but even with the Internet, he can’t write any faster. But, he does admit that it gets annoying for him:

It is sometimes annoying to me that there’s so many voices that just want Winds of Winter and you know, choose to remind it to me given every opportunity.

He still desperately wants to finish the books

Of course, this doesn’t mean that George RR Martin is not gonna finish the books out of spite. He wants to finish them as soon as possible. In another interview, he said:

It’s very important for me to finish A Song of Ice and Fire. I don’t want it to be my Mystery of Edwin Drood here. I want to finish it and I still have two more books to do and I want to finish it strong.

So people look at it and say you know this entire thing is an important work, not a half-finished or broken work. I know some of the more cynical people out there don’t believe that but it is true.

This goes to show that George RR Martin is trying his best to finish his books. The Game of Thrones universe isn’t an easy one to write about, and the next two books are expected to be way bigger than the previous ones. Therefore, we have to understand his predicament.

I know he has been a bit lazy sometimes, especially with Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon going on. But, recently the Coronavirus has allowed him to focus solely on the books. Therefore, we hope there’s good news soon in the future!

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