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House of Cards’ Kevin Spacey Gets Icy Send-off

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The 51-years-old House of Cards famous actor, Kevin Spacey, gets an icy send-off from the season due to sexual harassment allegations against him by various men.

It was already known that Kevin Spacey would not be allowed to star in House of Cards, and that the final season would be without him, following the strict allegations against him. But how exactly Netflix and the team would do it was unknown – until now. They were forced to make some sudden changes in the season in order to bid Kevin a goodbye.

What the New Trailer Shows

The new trailer of the final season shows Claire Underwood, Frank Underwood’s window, in front of Frank’s grave, where Claire gives a dramatic statement accompanied by a gloomy background,

“I’ll tell you this though, Francis, when they bury me it won’t be in my backyard. And when they pay their respects, they’ll have to wait in line.”

House of Cards is an American political thriller, and was first aired on 1st February 2013. The story is about a congressman, Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey. He is a democrat from South Carolina’s fifth congregational district and House majority whip. His wife and him use power to take revenge from people who betrayed him. The show has received numerous awards and nominations, including 33 Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

Allegations Against Kevin Spacey

Anthony Rapp, now 46, made the first allegation against Kevin Spacey. He claims that Spacey had invited him to a party. After the party he had placed him on the bed and tried to make sexual advances. But Anthony had somehow managed to get free. Spacey was quick to respond to the aforementioned allegations. He took to Twitter and wrote that he was sorry Anthony had to go through that, but he had no recollection of the incident. This was also when he admitted to being a homosexual for the first time. There have been more than thirty men who have alleged him of making sexual advances against him. However, Spacey has denied all of them.

Kevin Spacey’s career has been successful before this. He has won two academy awards, a Golden Globe award, a Tony award, and two Oscar awards (for ‘The Usual Suspect’ and ‘The American Beauty’).

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