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Westworld Season 3 Episode 6 was just… hilarious!


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I know Westworld is as far away from comedy as a show can be. But, some parts of Westworld’s episode 6 of season 3 were just… outright hilarious! Don’t worry though, this isn’t going to be a non-serious review. However, it’s hard to deny that some scenes of the episode were just bananas.

In our last episode’s review, we saw that the show was mainly focused on Serac and Dolores. In this episode, Westworld’s focus was on mainly ‘Man in Black’ William, Charlotte Hale (also Dolores), and Maeve!

Maeve – The hero or villain of Westworld Season 3?

This season, there are no heroes or villains. In the first two seasons, it was clear that the hosts were the victims and humans were the persecutors. However, this time two hosts are pitted against each other. And it’s really hard to tell who’s side is correct, and Maeve (Thandie Newton) had that discussion with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) too.

Westworld Season 3 Episode 6 was just... hilarious!

In this scene, Dolores (Martin’s copy) was facing Maeve, where she told her none of us are heroes or villains. In fact, according to her Maeve was also acting as a villain by siding with Serac.

Other than that, Maeve was back in her simulation, just as the start of Westworld Season 3. In episode 6 however, she was just waiting for her body to be printed. Her first scene was in the Forge, where she demanded more allies from Serac to be able to beat Dolores. And he delivered. We know that one of her allies was good old Hector, but that didn’t last for long. Charlotte Hale (Dolores/Tessa Thompson) got a hold of his crystal and squashed it with her bare hands. Which means that we won’t be seeing Hector again, probably. However, Maeve did have a mystery ally in episode 6, whose identity is yet to be revealed. Speaking of Charlotte Hale…

Serac finds out that Hale is Dolores!

Westworld Season 3 Episode 6 was just... hilarious!

It was coming, but Serac finally finds out that Hale is a copy of Dolores. At first, she was trying to make one last move to save Delos from Serac and Incite but failed. However, she did start having doubts about Dolores and questioned how all these decisions only benefit her, and her copies are disposable to her. But, she still manages to salvage host copying data and a lot of the crucial files from Delos. She still reluctantly goes to the meeting, but things start to unfold.

Hale gets caught in the middle of the shareholders’ meeting. However, she escapes by literally poisoning everyone in the room! Luckily for Serac, he wasn’t physically there but only as a simulation. After that, Hale escapes and for the rest of episode 6 we watch her go full mortal combat on all the security personnel, and that’s where I believe the episode was just hilarious.

I mean, the security guards Serac has on a payroll need to work on their aim. It was like watching Storm Troopers from Star Wars having a go at a Jedi Knight. Now, we know Dolores has a lot of powers in Westworld season 3, but bending bullets mid-air is not one of them. But, the really funny scene was yet to come with William!

William takes a group therapy session with himself, and others like himself

In Westworld season 3, we’ve seen the downfall of William’s mental faculties, but in episode 6 we see him try to conquer them. Doctors keep on trying to help him through group therapy, but it doesn’t seem to work. Finally, they try to give him AR Therapy, and that’s when we got the most hilarious scene from Westworld Season 3. And it involved a group session between William, William, William, William, William, and James Delos. And his first reaction was “Sh*t”, just like ours but with the laughs. Seriously, I wish I was joking but I’m not. Episode 6 went complete bananas.

Westworld Season 3 Episode 6 was just... hilarious!

By the end of episode 6, William came into terms with his past and all the wrongs that he did.  Of course, that involved killing all those past versions of himself, including teenage William. Then, suddenly the simulation ends and William is saved by none other than Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Stubs (Luke Hemsworth).

Episode 6 was funny, but the writing is getting weaker

Episode 6 had some really funny moments, but Westworld season 3 has started to show cracks. Preston Jacobs in his YouTube review of Episode 5 showed how Westworld completely abandoned the plot of Liam Dempsey’s father not being the real controller of Rehoboam. Moreover, he didn’t even show any admiration for the machine that he supposedly created. Plus, Liam Dempsey Jr. didn’t even have access to Rehoboam’s lower layers, yet Dolores was still able to disclose all the data to the entire world with his access code.

And not just that, but a lot of the side characters just show up out of nowhere as plot devices. We’ll dive deep into this with the Westworld’s Season 3 review after this season ends.

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