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Shane’s New Series Will Be About Jake Paul

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It’s finally confirmed from the king of Youtube himself. Shane Dawson has given out a trailer for his new series and it’s none other than the Jake Paul himself. Though, many already speculated it would be him after wondering for so long what it would be about. After the brilliant series he did on Jeffree Star, we’re expecting this to be as shocking as the last one.

In a series of tweets exchange, we found out that Shane Dawson was interested in doing a video collaboration with Jake Paul who was completely open to it. It’s interesting to see what would happen because Shane Dawson hasn’t expressed a pure appreciation for Jake Paul’s work. Many mainstream YouTubers haven’t been fully supportive of the Logan brothers, especially after Logan Paul filmed a video at the suicide forest in Japan where a dead body was found.

Why Did Jake Paul Agree?

Everyone might wonder why did the controversial Jake Paul, with an almost 17 million strong subscriber base, would agree to do this series. This will obviously strive to look behind the curtains as we know Shane to do. So, we will find out if the various drama surrounding the Paul brothers has any real merit to it or not. We’ll see if Jake Paul finally shows the real behind the screens to the audience. It will certainly garner a lot of sentiments from his followers who might continue supporting him, after all they still keep doing it despite the drama. Or maybe they will feel deceived and not give him another chance.

However, looking at Shane Dawson’s docuseries, there’s a common theme where one almost empathizes with who Shane Dawson is doing a series on. It’s because the series want to show us the real side of things. Keeping that in mind, we have to give everyone Shane questions the benefit of the doubt in the same sense he gives them. Like Shane did with Tana Mongeau in her whole Tanacon fiasco.

But it could very well be another way for Jake Paul to get more attention and publicity to himself. Because that’s always been his motive. His content isn’t always seen as meaningful for the public, although it is vastly entertaining to his true fan-base.

Maybe the Mind of Jake Paul Will Surprise Us

What’s brilliant about the choices Shane Dawson makes when selecting the people to do a series on is the fact that these people have been seen in controversial ways for some time now. You never know what kind of dark or even interesting truth Shane will manage to uncover through his tactful questioning. It might just tell us who Jake Paul really is. We may learn things about him that may allow some of his haters to forgive him and possibly even give him a chance.

The audience is certainly in for a treat for this once. It can literally go in any direction possible. The fans of both Shane Dawson and Jake Paul would be eagerly waiting for the series to come out. It’s safe to say that the series will undoubtedly give everyone a few shocks and maybe even some laughs as well. Shane has stated in his trailer that it will be a nightmare but let’s see what happens!

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