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Donald Trump Has Effectively Tarnished Press Credibility; New Report Reveals!

Who would have thought that "FAKE NEWS" would have such an impact!

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It looks like the President of United States Donald Trump can’t catch a break these days. While the mainstream media considers it “cool” to bash the States’ 45th President, the latest report has gone full throttle in this regard. The report in question has deemed Trump as a major player in demolishing press credibility.

“Committee to Protect Journalists” Calls out the President!

“Committee to Protect Journalists” is an NPO that strives to safeguard the rights of journalists and promote press freedom. Recently, it published a new report blaming Trump for harming the press’ reputation.

Back in 2019, a study by Pew Research Center revealed that unlike the Democrats, most Republicans didn’t trust many news outlets (excluding Fox News, a staunch supporter of the current President of United States).

Back to the study in question, it claims that Trump has purposely shot down news outlets whether in rallies, interviews or on his infamous Twitter account. “Fake News”, “Corrupt”, “Bad People”, “Dishonest” are some of the words he has used to describe the media and journalists.

Donald Trump and Press Credibility: Polar Opposites!


Twitter starts and ends with Donald Trump… and that’s a fact! Over the years, he has used the microblogging platform to hunt down numerous news media outlets. The study showed that the President of the United States has tweeted against the press over 600 times. Some of the organizations on his radar are CNN, NBC, The New York Times, etc.

As per White House correspondent and Politico Associate Editor Anita Kumar, there has been a significant drop in the number of people on the record during the Trump presidency. She said,

We’re not making things up, but people don’t believe us.

Additionally, Gallup revealed that as of September 2019, Americans’ distrust in mainstream media had hit an all-time high!

Do you blame Donald Trump for harming press credibility? Or, do you believe that it is another one of the press’ tactics to take shots at the President of the United States? Let us know!

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