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Nina Dobrev’s questionable Quarantine attire!

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Nina Dobrev is all for her outings even in this Quarantine. Around a week or two ago, she went out to the vet for her dog, Mrs. Maverick. Before that, she was sliding through empty aisles in the supermarket. In the supermarket, she was not wearing gloves, which received quite the backlash from her fans. The vet visit, she wore kitchen gloves to send a message to all those who commented. After that, followers seemed to shut up with their comments. Especially since Nina has been posting details on how to wash hands and groceries.

Nina Dobrev and her odd fashion choice in Quarantine

In her latest Instagram post, Nina is seen washing her groceries. But, not with her own hands. It’s bizarre how creepy it looks. The arms belong to someone else. And we cannot help but wonder if the hands belong to Shaun White. He is Nina Dobrev’s rumored boyfriend as of last month. However, amidst all the messages she is sending out to her fans to be cautious, it seems she does not have the same plans for herself.

Daily Mail caught her walking out of her home and into her Tesla without a mask or gloves! To be fair, she is helping fans understand how important it is to stay safe at home. Nina Dobrev did not mention anything about outside, did she?

The Run This Town Actress, Nina Dobrev, is celebrating summer now, apparently. Her thigh-high green dress is looking pretty fly but, in a shot from behind, she still has the dress tag hanging back. But more than that, even Daily mail sources seem bitter about her not following the norm.

Despite Los Angeles recommending wearing face masks in public, to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, which has now affected more than 705,000 people and caused over 30,000 deaths, she didn’t seem to take precautions on Friday.

Well, I do not think now is the time to be all about personal choices. Because no matter how many times you wash your hands, there are many other ways you can transfer the virus as a carrier. Especially since her close personal friend, Erica Barnstein, has already had COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2).

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