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Jennifer Lopez’s Pole Dancing Crash Course for Hustlers Movie

JLo's road to a perfect upside-down split.

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Jennifer Lopez is known for her moves from movies like Shall We Dance? 2004 but seeing her pole dance is a totally different thing. Even she needed help to train for her role as a professional pole dancer in director Lorene Scafaria’s Hustlers movie. Here’s how JLo was able to perform upside-down splits on a pole in just two months.

Jennifer Lopez’s Training for Hustlers Movie

Lopez took her training quite seriously and moved a portable into each of her houses. While On The Floor singer was already in great shape, pole dancing requires certain muscles in the posterior chain to be strong. There wasn’t any body-double available either so Jennifer Lopez had to do everything herself.

As part of her training program, Sapakie had to make sure JLo’s core and upper-body were strong enough. It was necessary because certain movements like the split, demands a lot of endurance from the arms and shoulders.

While working on her upper body strength, Jennifer Lopez started her pole dancing training too. Johanna started off with the necessary stretching and introduced the Hollywood star to the basic movements like spins and climbing.

Sapakie: When we started training, it was slow. You know, you do one movement at a time and take rest in between. Getting the feel for spinning around the pole takes a bit of practice.

There was also a lot of emphasis on the endurance aspect because Jennifer Lopez had to shoot her pole-dancing scenes one after the other for Hustlers. Especially, her main routine was a full 4 minutes long.

Mastering the Split

Once the Let’s Get Loud singer got comfortable with the movements, the last thing she had to crack was flipping upside-down. According to the trainer, this particular skill requires a lot of core and grip strength.

It was initially hard for Lopez but her work ethic and determination paid off. In just two months JLo was able to execute the split like a pro. It was quite exciting and satisfying to see her achieve the goal in the end, says trainer and pole artist Johanna s Sapakie.

Watch Jennifer Lopez’s Hustlers movie online if you haven’t yet and let us know what you think about it.



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