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Babyface Vs Teddy Riley Instagram Live Battle Was A Total Flop

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Just last night Instagrammers saw a Live rap battle between Babyface and Teddy Riley. However, can we call it a flop instead because of how they carried it out? First, they postponed the battle from April 12 due to Babyface’s coronavirus diagnosis. Finally, when they started their duel last night on April 18, technical audio issues immediately greeted them. Around 400,000 people watched on Instagram Live as Babyface and Teddy Riley tried to fix audio instead of going at each other.

Babyface Vs. Teddy Riley Battle

With Swizz Beatz organizing and hosting the showdown, it seems word did get across Teddy Riley in his battle with Babyface. Riley had set up an entire at-home concert stage that unfortunately started causing audio playback and echoing issues. Swizz Beatz did not seem to like this setup and clearly thought it was too much. The host even said that“less is more”. Still, the stars tried to work around their issues, but eventually gave up. The Instagram Live session went on for about an hour before Babyface announced that it was better that they hold the live battle some other day.

“I think that it’s only right that we postpone this thing until another time when there aren’t any technical difficulties. And everybody can hear the music the way it needs to be heard.”

Babyface vs Teddy Riley battle was supposed to be a huge thing for the fans. Even Toni Braxton took time out to watch the two. Unfortunately, both of the renowned R&B singers turned the show into some Twitter memes.

Someone even posted all the professional gadgetry and technical audio setup Teddy Riley had put up just so he could battle with Babyface on his phone on Instagram Live. Take a look at this:

Damn, Jeff did not have to be so mean about it, but how much can you relate with what he said?

Hilariously, Adele also joined in on the Babyface vs Teddy Riley battle and even she could notice the flop audio service. Look at her comment:


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