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Brie Larson Looks Addicted To Animal Crossing And We Can Relate

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If the coronavirus lockdown is getting into your head, then maybe it is time to switch. By this, what we mean is Nintendo Switch, because Animal Crossing: New Horizons game is the latest talk of the town. Simply put, the game is cute and wholesome: Create a cute human who starts in a desert island having sweet animals. There you have to find ways to make Bells – the game currency – so you can upgrade your tent to a house, so on, and do much more. Go catch fish, cook food, invite friends to your island and they would return the gesture. As amazing as it seems, Brie Larson has become addicted to Animal Crossing, and that might just be the motivation we need these days.


Brie Larson’s Animal Crossing World Is Sweet

With flowers everywhere on her island of Animal Crossing, Brie Larson is experimenting by cross-breeding them to make different colors. Interestingly, she has a few days ahead of everyone else. All thanks to Nintendo and her love for the console throughout her life. The award-winning Captain Marvel celebrity started tweeting about the game and Nintendo offered her a chance to be their partner for release. Moreover, she revealed that she never lived without a Nintendo console. “Even in my earliest baby videos, there was a Nintendo there. My love for it runs deep,” she tells.

Sure enough, we could see it:

Brie Larson’s love for Animal Crossing is deeper and it is something that evolved over time to become what it is now. In 2002, Nintendo GameCube launched in the U.S and it was a huge deal for her.


“Me and my sister and my mom created a rule that whoever finished their homework first got to play first, so we would blast through it.”


For new Animal Crossing players, Brie Larson also sends out advice to them: ‘Definitely’ plant whatever fruit your mom sends you in the mail, she suggested. The new game is not a high-stakes game, you just have to chill. Even the house loan with raccoon Tom Nook has zero interest and there is no deadline to it either. With so little pressure, players like Brie Larson can focus on the sweetness of the gameplay and the characters. However, Larson admits that she tends to be competitive in it, finding a counterbalance between that and building something sweet and hanging out with friends.


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