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Why World Suicide Prevention Day Matters

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Every year, all around the globe World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated on 10th September. Every single year, we lose more than one million people worldwide to suicide. In fact, in the United States, statistics claim that suicide takes place every 12.3 minutes. Suicide quickly rose to become the tenth leading cause of death. And in times when the situation is worsening, World Suicide Prevention Day has become more significant than it ever was.

Suicides impact many lives. The person who chooses to take his own life must definitely be going through a lot. Probably more than we could have imagined because being helpless enough to end your own life is no joke. However, with the decision to commit suicide, they ruin so many lives associated with them. And even when previously it was considered to be only family and kin affected by the death, research proves otherwise. Studies claim that schools, workplaces, places of worship, and communities are also shaken by suicides. And World Suicide Prevention Day is all about creating awareness about everything that surrounds suicide.

Not only organizations and institutes celebrate World Suicide Prevention Day, but a lot of our favorite celebrities step up to play their parts. This year, Kygo joined the World Suicide Prevention Day campaigns. And after losing his greatest idol and inspiration Avicii to suicide, Kygo believes it’s time to take mental health more seriously. He even donated $30,000 to a campaign that wanted to connect to needy and deserving people.

World Suicide Prevention Day is probably a great opportunity for us to express the concerns of our society on suicide every year. And it serves as an annual reminder globally that suicide is one of the worst things to happen to society. Recently, the suicide trends are increasing rapidly. With losses like Kate Spade and Robin Williams, we definitely need the World Suicide Prevention Day to help save lives. It’s significant that as a society we come together to ensure that we continually check up on our loved ones.

Take the extra mile to make sure they are doing okay. Look to see if they really are fine and not just trust their word for it. Being there and giving them love when they most need it can save more lives than we imagine. And World Suicide Prevention Day should probably not be the only day when we talk about this.

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