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The Amazing Philosophy Of Queer Eye

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Netflix finally has something different from the typical drama and romance. Not just that, but with this new series Queer Eye, Netflix has a broader perspective. And thankfully, it’s neither vain nor shallow.

The Idea Behind ‘Queer Eye’

Netflix’s Queer Eye is probably one of the most interesting things to hit television in 2018. Originally, the show is a reboot of the popular 2000’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Previously, the idea of the show was to give the heterosexual men some glamour with the supposed superior taste of gay men. But this time, Queer Eye brings forward a unique and challenging idea. And in times when there are endless debates on identity politics, and sexuality is more complex than ever, the show is greatly appreciated in terms of the concepts it chose to present.

Queer Eye is basically a reality television show that in which 5 gay men give a complete makeover to people across the US. Not just that, but they are delivered tips on how to improve the lifestyle and quality of life. By not just looking better, but eating better and having an overall more sophisticated and cultured outlook towards everything. The idea behind the original series was to fight for tolerance. But in recent times, Netflix’s Queer Eye is fighting for acceptance in this society.

Similar to the first edition, Netflix’s Queer Eye features five gay men. And each of them have their own specialty. Firstly, we have the interiors designer Bobby who gives the best makeovers on the show. And then there is the fashion expert Tan who is trying to convince all men to throw away their combat shorts. They are followed by Karamo who is there for the ‘culture’ part but is also the show therapist. And lastly, we have Jonathon and Antoni. While Jonathon gives the show his endearing habit of asking questions to only answer them himself, Antoni gives us a good old laugh. And why wouldn’t he? Well, he’s supposedly the food and wine guy but the fanciest meal the man serves is hot dogs.

‘Queer Eye’ – The Fresh New Perspective Needed

This new latest makeover show is one of its kind. And in the modern day when the LGBT community is fighting for acceptance and equality, Queer Eye places five of its members centrally in their own show. What makes this Netflix reboot even more wonderful that it goes beyond just gay men giving fashion and lifestyle advice for self-improvement of gay men. But rather, the show makes sure that the subjects are not used as punching bags especially based on their sexual preferences.

Despite being a fashion makeover show, Queer Eye has incredible importance. The five gay hosts address everything from the subject of loneliness to black lives. But most significantly, it addresses masculinity and the problems that come with it. And considering that sexuality and identity have become the most debated and complex topics to exist, Queer Eye was definitely needed. Other than that, the show teaches people that loving yourself does not necessarily make you a narcissist. Taking care of yourself to live better is essential as it makes the individual feel confident and good about their own self.

The show has been winning over hearts ever since the premiere. Not only because of the fresh perspective or gay representation in entertainment. But for all the right reasons. These 5 men are making lives happy and giving out valuable self-appreciation lessons. Almost every episode would bring tears to your eyes. Whether it features Tom who is considered ugly and wants to win back his ex-wife. Or Cory the cop who tries to keep his father close to him by keeping his suits in his closet.

Queer Men is probably the iconic makeover show that falls right on point in every angle.

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