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Twerking Tana Mongeau Finds Jake Paul’s Replacement

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As we all know our babe “Tana Mongeau” is very very crazy. She always tries to come up with something weirdly interesting just to stay in the spotlight. Recently Tana tweeted about how bored she feels during this lock-down. I guess we all do, but we try to find different activities to keep us occupied.

But our young and beautiful YouTuber here is actually considering to join OnlyFans for her true followers. I guess splitting up with Jake Paul is actually doing a number on her. In fact not only her, but it’s also doing a number on Jake Paul.

Tana Mongeau And Jake Paul’s Relationship History

Both the YouTubers started dating last year in April. Jake Paul put a huge diamond ring on Tana’s finger. They even got married. But things started to get really ugly. And the couple decided to part ways.

Tana and Jake Paul

Maybe things would have come out a little differently if Tana and Jake took things really slow. Tana also mentioned in an interview that Jake’s personality took a 360 degrees turn after marriage. He acted like a complete stranger, for instance, he was not giving Tana much time and attention.

Tana Replacing Ex-Husband With A House Appliance

You will find a really interesting thing if you go to Tana’s TikTok account. And click on the Latest video. This babe never fails to surprise and entertain her audience. As she stands in front of a refrigerator and twerks the life out of it. I mean girl, what the *toot*.

@tanamongeaulol🥴♬ original sound – tanamongeaulol

All these things in your house and you still decide to twerk against a mere refrigerator. Leave the poor soul alone, Tana.

After Shocks Of The Couple’s Split-Up

Dear Tana, We know how much you actually miss your other half. Who is actually not your other half anymore. Personally what fans think is that you and Jake need to take a little time off the camera and cool down the heat in some alternate universe.


So this beautiful picture is from Tana Mongeau’s and Jake Paul’s engagement. As we all know our babe here never misses a chance to strike an extremely hot pose.

Happy Couple

And this picture right here has a very Tana-like caption:

“what really went down at our engagement photo shoot HAHAHAHAHA”.

I guess we all know what went up and what went down.

Now let’s see how Tana and Jake are dealing with the situational and adjustment depression.

Here is a semi-nude picture of Jake Paul who is planning to make an OnlyFans video. Only if he hits 3 million likes on this picture.

Jake Paul

Tana posted this tweet almost a week before Jake’s semi-nude. So I guess he is kind of shading his ex-wife Tana.

Tana OnlyFans

Now let’s see how Tana is dealing with the whole being single and ready to mingle thing:

Tana being Tana

I think we should just hold our breaths until Tana and Jake actually decide to post something on OnlyFans. They are probably just doing it for the sake of likes/views or money.

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