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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Went Berserk On A Stranger Over Social Distancing

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Television star Julia Louis-Dreyfus went complete berserk on a random stranger as they walked a little too close to her during the pandemic. The coronavirus lockdown is calling for people to maintain a social distance of at least 3 ft from each other. Apart from avoiding to meet unnecessary people, social distancing also states to protect yourself using gloves and masks when stepping out to buy essential grocery or healthcare items. Hence, when the star saw a woman getting too close to her, she could not just let it go.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reprimands A Stranger

Louis-Dreyfus was speaking to Conan O’Brien when she told how social distancing is important to her. She talked about an incident that happened with her to explain how serious she is taking the pandemic. The TV star explained that she was in a store to buy prescriptions when she noticed a lady walk by too close to her. Louis-Dreyfus felt as if the woman was only 18 inches away from her and when she turned around to look at her, it was worse. This woman was not wearing either gloves or a mask to protect herself or others! That was when Louis-Dreyfus went on road rage.

“Hey! Don’t walk close to people and you should be wearing mask and gloves!”

An angry Julia Louis-Dreyfus exclaimed to the person. Poor Julia admitted that she is normally not this sort of a person however, perhaps the pandemic concern is getting to her. She even told O’Brien that she will keep doing this until the pandemic loosens its grip.

When O’Brien asked her whether the woman realized that an award-winning celebrity was scolding her, the actor replied in a negative. She added that she had put up a further 78 pounds during the pandemic and with gloves and mask on, there was no way the woman could have figured it out.

Take a look at Louis-Dreyfus conversing with the host below:

With saying all that, perhaps Louis-Dreyfus is going to continue using her stardom to raise awareness over the seriousness of the pandemic.

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