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Is Louis CK Donating Money To Comedy Cellar An Effort To Look Good?

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Comedian Louis CK is also being generous in this pandemic as he decides to donate $30,000 to the waiting staff of Comedy Cellar. However, he is not the only one in this trend. There have been others who have come up to support the Greenwich Village comedy mecca after it decided to shut down due to the coronavirus. In the midst of all this, and looking at the history of CK, are we to suspect any suspicion in this regard? What if this is an effort to look good for the cameras and the news?

Louis CK’s Giving Money To Comedy Cellar A Cover-Up?

As the stand-up star Mike Birbiglia tells it, Louis CK donated around $ 10,000 to Comedy Cellar only a few days ago. He then added to this by giving a further $20,000 to make up the figure of 30 only recently. The 52-year-old comedian has held a regular show there, found both on and off-stage. The club is also featured in the intro to his FX show. Perhaps it is close to him in his career?

Other reports tell Michael Che also put forward some $ 5000 whereas Dave Attell donated $1500. Even John Mayer who appeared there a few times donated $ 2500. However, should we give a second look at Louis CK’s comparably massive donation to Comedy Cellar?

Louis CK has indeed been involved in some sexual harassment scandals in the past. Just recently, we heard him tell a weird joke where he told that having sex with women was equal to slavery. He even admitted that he would sexually harass his female colleagues by touching himself. Before this, he was exposed when the #MeToo movement kicked off. New York Times alleged that up to 5 women accused him of sexual misconduct. Recently, he tried to laugh off his allegations by making a joke about the #MeToo movement.

“Men are taught to make sure the woman is OK. The thing is, women know how to seem OK when they’re not OK. So you can’t just look at her face and be like, ‘Her eyes are dry, we’re fine. Let’s just keep going.'”

Therefore, by donating to Comedy Cellar, is this Louis CK’s face-saving?

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