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5 Celebrities Who Got Turned Down by Their Celebrity Crush

Being famous and successful doesn't guarantee a date with your crush.

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Being famous is tough it but getting turned down by another celebrity is a separate story. The stardom does not guarantee a date with your crush and these celebrities have been rather candid about getting rejected by another celebrity. Here are 5 times famous actors/ celebrities turned down other stars.

5. Drake and Nicki Minaj

When poor Drake asked the rap queen if she wanted some food, she seemed totally into it.

Do you want food? Are you hungry?

Of course yes, she responded. When he came back with the food, Nicki Minaj ripped the food out of his hand and shut the door on him. Drake once confessed to having a crush on her but I guess the incident sent him a clear message.

4. Niall Horan and Katy Perry

Katy told Nova FM that Everywhere singer Niall Horan is “always following her around like a puppy.” She also said that he’s tried hard to get her number but Niall has since rejected her claims. Maybe he’s just trying to minimize the possibility of making it the list of ‘celebrities getting turned down by another famous person.’

3. Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lawrence

Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence might get a lot of heat from the Beliebers after hearing what she did. Talking about famous celebrities who turned down another, how can anyone reject Baby singer Justin Bieber. Well, J Lawrence can.

During an interview on Watch What Happens Live, a caller asked her if she’s ever dated Justin. To which she categorically said:

I’m gonna say a hard, NO!

That’s alright though. Bieber would have never met his future wife Hailey Baldwin.

2. Emma Watson and Tom Felton

In the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson’s Hermione Granger developed feelings for Ron but she would’ve never thought of Draco that way. Hermione wouldn’t but Emma was totally crushing over co-star Tom Felton. She had a crush on him from age 10 to 12 but Tom had no idea. When he found about it he said that he saw her more like a ‘sister’. Poor Emma.

1. Taylor Swift and Bradley Cooper

When the Hangover actor Bradley Cooper called it quits with Zoe Saldana, Taylor Swift tried to fill the void. I mean, he’s one of the most famous and good looking celebrities out there. Who wouldn’t want to date him, right? Miss Americana star reached out to him but he rejected. Bradley thought she was a little too young for him and preferred someone his age.

Do you think some of these celebrities could’ve been a little nicer to their fellow celebrities?

Let us know in the comments section.

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