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Orlando Brown Claims Michael Jackson And Will Smith Raped Him

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In the past few years, Orlando Brown has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. He’s had issues with authority and ranted about a lot of things on social media. This time, however, he claims that Will Smith raped him as a child, and Michael Jackson set it up for him. But, there’s more to it.

Orlando Brown throws a rant on social media

This rant by Brown was all over the place. He begins by claiming that Will Smith raped him, and then went on to rape his entire family, including his children. And if that wasn’t horrific enough, he also claims that Michael Jackson sexually abused him and set the whole thing up for Will Smith. But, it gets more bizarre.

After these horrific claims, Orlando Brown calls himself ‘Blanket’, which is Michael Jackson’s son’s name. However, he made a very confusing claim just moments later. Brown calls himself Will Smith’s son! In the same video, Orlando Brown claims to be both Michael Jackson’s and Will Smith’s son. And I’m sure I’m not the only one scratching my head while reading this. Here’s his rant:

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TNHT Staff: @yesthatsdee ___________________________________________ Neighbors, get into this story even though it’s hard to get into! Orlando Brown is now alleging that Will Smith raped him as a child and that Michael Jackson set the whole thing up! _____________________________________________ Now he’s said some wild things before but this one takes the cake. In the video you can see him wielding a knife yelling into the camera that he is in fact Will’s son. _____________________________________________ What’s even crazier is that he says Will Smith also raped his (Orlando Brown’s) children. _____________________________________________ Neighbors, what are your thoughts on all of this? Do you think it’s any truth to this or is he bat s*** crazy!?

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He has a history of making bizarre claims

This isn’t the first time Brown has made such claims. Earlier this year, the former That’s So Raven star claimed that Nick Cannon performed oral sex on him. However, Nick Cannon, in response, wrote a long message on Instagram and addressed the importance of mental health.


Other than that, Orlando Brown also appeared on Dr. Phil’s show. His manager and friends were very concerned about his well being, and that’s why Dr. Phil took him on his show. On the show, Brown discussed a lot about his addiction, homelessness, and the state of his mental health. He had this to say about his drug addiction:

A lot of drinking is what happened. I was drinking a lot. I just found myself in a dark place because I couldn’t really find everybody. It’s kinda like looking for your keys, when you stop looking, they’re right there type of deal. I started to realize what was in front of me. From there, now I’m good.

Even though the star claimed he was 4 years sober, his manager and friends said that was a straight lie.

These claims by Brown have raised more awareness of mental health instead. If you have anything to say on the subject, feel free to write in the comments below.

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