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The Merits Of #AsianAugust

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It’s okay America, we know your president is racist, but you are not. Much unlike the Augusts of past years, the coming of fall did not seize the box office from blooming. The aura probably was flaxen but the box office shone with the brightest of pink. The month kick-started with Hollywood’s first all Asian-American movie taking over the box office. Midway in August, another jewel set the entire social media alight. The airing of ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ stirred an amorous picturesque. The month then closed on a similar high note, with Sony Screen drawing the curtains over another Asian-American thriller ‘Searching’.

When CAPE (Coalition of Asia Pacifics in Entertainment) discovered the wildly growing popularity of these flicks, they quickly devised the term #AsianAugust and rallied for their followers to support the movement on social media.

Yielding in the Cash

#AsianAugust has had a positive economic impact on Hollywood. “Crazy Rich Asians” easily established itself as one of the highest grossing romcoms, turning up a massive revenue of 162 million dollars. ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ has refused to comment on its box office report. However, building upon the critical acclaim and raving vogue, it is safe to put that it must have been a lucrative deal. ‘Searching’ too, already has a 93% rating on rotten tomatoes for its trailer, which is indicative of its inevitable success.

Previously minorities accounted for only 12.9 leads in Hollywood features. But, with the soaring opulence of #AsianAugust, things are to change for the better.  Some TV shows and movies will also incorporate minorities into their scripts to cash on the success of these ventures. This will open up job opportunities, while reassuring Americans of foreign roots that they can be just as successful.

Diversity Allows Hearts to Grow Closer

With #AsianAugust diversity is now a thing in America.  Phil Yu, a blogger from Los Angeles said “I’ve been driving around town seeing posters for ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. It gives me a real thrill. It’s like, Wow! Do white people feel like this all the time?”. The quantum of #AsianAugust has indeed changed attitudes. Perhaps the lack of comprehension of other cultures was the real driving force behind this ethical friction. Now that these movies have skillfully depicted cultural links, whites will warm up to browns, and vice versa.

Reshaping Hollywood

These films have also allowed for a less genre-specific approach when making movies. Makers have realized that unnecessarily bloating pictures with peripheral VFX, cursory Sci-Fi themes, and superheroes are not the only ways to create a masterpiece. Romantic motion pictures can entail the same effect.

Goldstein describes ‘The Crazy Rich Asians’ as a “fun, broad comedy. The rapturous response confirmed the idea that these movies don’t need superheroes touting Spandexed suits to find mainstream appeal and resonate with audiences. It doesn’t matter the ethnic group.”

Light-hearted entertainment like ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ off detox from TV’s intricate content.  If carefully toned with wider themes, these wonders can warrant in Oscars. The plots are cliched at some points, but a little invention will do good justice.

What’s up Next?

A sitcom ‘Fresh off the Boat” starring a complete Asian American cast is already doing wonders for ABC. Netflix too has lined up “Always Be My Maybe,” a rom-com starring Randall Park and Ali Wong for airing next year.  A sequel for the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is already on the cards. And, Warner Bros. and new line are also working on an ensemble comedy by TV writer Lillian Yu. The influence of #AsianAugust is palpable, and we hope that the campaign takes a more propitious leap.

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