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Halle Berry Jumps Onto Pillow Challenge To Pose With Bare Backside

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Looking at how everyone jumps on a trending topic on Instagram, it is clear that one can never be too old or young to do something trendy. For Halle Berry, she was clear about this when she came across the Pillow Challenge. Then again, she is never too shy from any social media challenge either, so it was only a matter of time before we got to see her. People are posing nude while tying a large pillow in front with a belt or any fancy accessory to hold it in place. For some reason, people of all ages are doing this challenge, and you just have to take a look!

Halle Berry Joins The Pillow Challenge Gang

Taking to the visual media app, Halle Berry wore a round hat and a pair of shades to match with a dark belt that was holding her pillow against her front body. Matching her bare-backed look with a pair of black stilettos she put her hands on her hips to pose for the camera.

“You already KNOW you couldn’t keep me from the #PillowChallenge”


However, she is merely taking part in a trend that is happening right now. Everyone is posing with just a pillow tied to them with a belt. Take a look at these pictures:




Do you think only the women are taking part alongside Halle Berry in the Pillow Challenge? We also have men doing the same as well. One can only see to believe what people are doing to make a trend out of it:




The bizarre-looking challenge is for people of all ages, it seems. Because while we are seeing grownups doing the challenge, little kids are also being put in the same “costume” to pose for the camera. Indeed, this is something that raises eyebrows in confusion:




Now that Halle Berry has given more motivation to the Pillow Challenge, maybe this is going to trend stronger in the coming days. Do you think this is because people have had enough of quarantine and the lockdown? We would like to think so…


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