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Is Amazon Prime Video The New Netflix?

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Our brain is intrinsically automated into thinking about Netflix, whenever someone whispers ‘online streaming’.  There is an entirely different array of movies and TV shows available on each platform. Consequently, a problem arises that we have to subscribe to both to stream all original content. While Netflix is currently the unbeatable VOD king, Amazon Prime Video too is inching closer. With shows like Transparent and Homecoming already on the block, Amazon definitely has moved up its yardstick in terms of quality content.

Amazon Prime Video franchises its brand better amongst the youth, which is, of course, web’s prime target audience. While both Netflix and Amazon Prime offer 30 day free trials of their video streaming service, Prime goes an extra mile to attract viewers. Students can redeem 6 months of full video streaming with Amazon Prime Video. All they need to do is to head to Amazon’s Student Site and sign up.

The good part about the sixth-month trial is, people will be able to finish few seasons of their favorite shows conveniently. So, subscribing for Prime at the end of the trial would seem rather a reasonable investment.

Amazon Prime Better than Netflix?

When your free wells have run dry, Amazon would still wheel in content more reasonably. In their standard 7.99 ponds tier, Amazon Prime gets its viewers gifts on other Amazon services, including shorter delivery times, ad-free music, early Lightning offers etc. Netflix; meanwhile, gives only what it had promised: content.  Prime Video allows viewers to stream 3 videos simultaneously at the same price where Netflix allows two. So for the penny-pickers, Amazon obviously brings more to the table.

When we talk about Amazon’s film library there are a good 22,000 flicks on display as compared to Netflix’s 4500 films. But wait! Only some of the numerous films available on Amazon come pure with subscription. Several have added rental charges, and some have to be bought entirely independently. Netflix, on the other hand, incurs no additional charges when playing movies.

What Amazon Prime Doesn’t Have

There is only an insignificant intersection between the film libraries of these brands.  While Netflix cashes high on old classics and recent blockbusters; Prime Video too, brings like quality movies to the table. However, Prime obviously fails to give Netflix Original Movies, some of which are absolute spectacles.

In a dexterous move, Netflix started merchandising on its original content a few years back. Giving us masterpieces such as “Stranger Things,” “House of Cards,” “Orange is the New Black,” “The Crown,” “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist”, “Narcos,” “Altered Carbon” and “Bright”. These pieces proved to be a breakthrough on TV winning both, critical acclaim and fans’ love.  The Netflix content train is also not coming to a halt anytime soon. Reports have been rife that the former US president and his wife Barack and Michelle Obama are gearing up to create a political thriller for Netflix. Not just that, but Netflix current lineup of upcoming shows is just as luring as ever. Shows like ‘Sabrina’ and ‘The Good Cop’ have already attracted a lot of attention, pulling over hopes that they become hits.

While Amazon too does markedly well with shows like “Transparent,” “The Man in the High Castle,” “Electric Dreams,” “The Grand Tour,” “Bosch” and “The Hand of God.”, It still needs to beef up its original content. With shows like “Homecoming,” and “The Romanoffs,” already in the pipeline, Prime too, is leaving no stone unturned to up its content quality.

Amazon is improving at a high pace. Quantitatively it has always fared better. And, now even in terms of original content, it does not lag behind. Netflix; nonetheless, does have a content-centric approach. Its quality too is sprouting exponentially. Amazon ideally does trail behind in the race. But, the real question is: for how long?

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