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Serena Williams Calls Out Umpire for Sexism

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Legendary tennis player Serena Williams has given the world another moment to applaud her. This time it did not involve how she dressed up for the US Open finale. But it was her call out against sexism in sports.

Speaking of sexism in tennis, this is definitely not the first time something like this happened. Previously, when the 23 time Grand Slam champion returned from maternity leave and chose to play in a catsuit. But when the French Open banned her from wearing that again, she slammed back and appeared in the next match wearing a tutu. It’s not just her facing all this. But last month, French player Alize Cornet was penalized for briefly taking off her shirt. And it seemed like it’s time that someone protests against all this.

Serena Williams Accuses Empire Of Sexism

Serena Williams competed against Naomia Osaka in the women’s singles finals for the US Open on Saturday. And unfortunately, Williams was unable to win this one. But that’s not the only interesting part about the match. Rather, what caught everyone’s attention was the dispute between Serena Williams and the game’s umpire Carlos Ramos.

Apparently, during the match. Serena Williams was awarded code violations three times. Firstly, she got a warning for coaching. Then a point penalty for smashing her racket and lastly, a game penalty for verbal abuse. The first penalty was given because the umpire thought that her coach was signalling to her on the field. And when she got the point penalty for smashing the racket, she tried to dispute the matter and even called the umpire a thief. When Ramos awarded her the last one for verbal abuse, it cost her a lot at the crucial point in the game.

Even when a huge part of majority were voicing their opinions in her favor, Serena Williams knew how to deal with this sexism. In a post match press conference, she reflected on sexism in tennis. And even defended the right of women to display emotions during the game- a liberty that men seem to possess. She claimed that she was going to fight for women and their equal rights.

While addressing a reporter afterwards, Serena Williams said that she didn’t only call him a thief because he took the game from her. But because she had seen several men use abuses like these. However, when she said it, it made her feel like it was sexist remark. And that’s because none of the umpires have ever taken a game away from male players because they used the word thief.

Looks like Serena Williams has a lot to battle now that she has decided to counter sexism in sports!

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