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Cartoons That Should Be Adapted Into Live Action TV Shows

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It is no alien for classic animated shows or movies to be converted into live-action counterparts. The nostalgic essences these carry bring out our inner child and give us something to look forward to. The concept sounds great as in our imagination and turns even better with execution. Turning a cartoon into a live-action feature is no less than an act of alchemy. Not only do you need the right ingredients (choice of cartoons), but you also need to present the show as elegantly as its original cartoon. Let’s take a look at a few cartoons that can be developed into promising live-action TV shows.

The Jetsons

The Jetsons
Source: YouTube

Hanna Barbara first created The Jetsons back in 1952, the show ran for good 35 years before breathing its last in 1988. Futuristic shows weren’t quite the norm back then, but the producers had their own lens with which they saw the world and created this ‘just so strange that it might work’ concept. Set in 2062, the show dealt with flying cars, robots, weird appliances, and the Jetson family’s struggle as they tried to fit in the modern era. The wild popularity of the show forced CN to air reruns of the show until late 2007.

We aren’t exactly very far from 2062, and can really put the profoundly misused technology to good use by transforming this cartoon into a live-action series. TV falls deficient of futuristic sitcoms, and the Jetson family’s misadventures in dealing with the technical advances in the near future can present a highly relatable whacky take on disasters of technology.

The Addams Family

The Addams Family
Source: Cartoon Drew

The kooky, spooky classic has been adapted into TV shows and movies several times before.  However, the last time a live-action revolving around the quirky members of The Addams Family was on TV, it was 1965.  A macabre satire on the American nuclear family is exactly what TV needs right now.  JUST IMAGINE THIS: The Addams travel through time and land up in the modern-day! This is something we are craving to watch on TV. The misadventures of the ghoulish, morbid Addams as they try to cope up with their newly found lifestyle sounds so enthralling already, we can only wish it were true.  Also, if you are having a hard time envisioning what would Morticia look like in a live-action, just let Yvonne Strahovski be your Morticia!


Ben 10
Source: Business to Community

Okay, skip Marvel and DC, please let Sam Esmail produce the live-action version of this acclaimed cartoon. Only he is capable of doing visual justice to this exciting series. The older Ben-10 can be easily adapted into a TV series for the CW. A teenager with his Omnitrix battles the greatest villains from all galaxies. He also deals with the more mundane challenges like relationships, family, work, and education is exactly what viewers are looking for. To make for a richer story, the starry-eyed teenage tone of the story can be subdued to make space for surreal extraterrestrial elements. As mentioned before, just get Esmail on board for this. He knows how to the job perfectly.

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