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Mark Ruffalo Calls Donald Trump Ignorant For Calling Coronavirus Chinese virus

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As we all know, Mark Ruffalo is a big Bernie Sanders fan. But, he often calls out Donald Trump for his dirty politics as well. This time, he called the US President out on his ignorance for calling the Coronavirus ‘Chinese virus’. This is because it has severe racial undertones.

Mark Ruffalo goes to Twitter to call out Trump

Ruffalo did not hold back in calling Donald Trump out for his racist remarks about Coronavirus. He called him out for his ignorance and said:

When you, and people like you, call Coronavirus the “Chinese virus,” it’s a kind of ignorance that has real world impacts on real people. You are hurting fellow Americans.

You can read Mark Ruffalo’s full tweet here:

What’s worse is that Donald Trump has regularly used this racist term for COVID-19. WHO clearly defines that you cannot associate a virus to an ethnicity. But, it doesn’t look like Trump is willing to listen to anyone. Upon being asked by a reporter for this, he responded:

Because it comes from China. It’s not racist at all, no. It comes from China, that’s why.

After that, he almost went into conspiracy theories. That’s why Mark Ruffalo rightfully called him out.

Racism against Chinese Americans is on the rise

Mark Ruffalo Calls Donald Trump Ignorant For Calling Coronavirus Chinese virus
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Trump’s remarks have reportedly increase acts of violence against Chinese-Americans. But this isn’t the first time they’ve experienced racism in the US. Ever since they came to America after 1870, they were considered a threat to the white working class. That’s why they were segregated into what we call today ‘China Towns’. But, it was important for Mark Ruffalo to call Trump out on this kind of racism.

After all, when the President himself calls the virus by ethnicity, it will have its impact on the people. It only works to fuel racism in the people, which is the last thing the US needs right now. That’s why Mark Ruffalo called him out because it needed to be done.

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