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Bernie Sanders And Larry David Are Actual Cousins!

And we have proof!

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Many people love both Bernie Sanders and Larry David. They don’t just look alike but talk like each other too. That’s why Larry is the best comedian out there to mimic Bernie. But, did you know that they’re related to each other? Yes, it’s true. And the two of them didn’t know about it either!

DNA says Bernie Sanders and Larry David are related!

Bernie Sanders And Larry David Are Actual Cousins

The two were invited in an episode of Finding Your Roots. It traces the ancestry of its guests through their DNA. However, when these two showed up at the show, they got the result that every one of us was expecting. As it turns out, Bernie Sanders and Larry David are related to each other!

The test revealed that the two were more than 97% Ashkenazi Jewish, but that wasn’t all. Their DNA matched so much with each other, that they were distant cousins of each other. Of all the people tested, their DNA matched the most. Upon finding out about this, Bernie Sanders said:

You’re kidding? Oh my God! That is unbelievable. It’s true?

And he even confessed that Larry mimics him even better than he ever does! He said:

People say to me when they talk about Larry David, and I say that he does a better Bernie Sanders than I do!

And Larry David shared the same enthusiasm too!

What the hell! Oh that’s so funny! That is really funny. That is amazing. Yeah, alright Cousin Bernie.

You can watch the full episode of Finding Your Roots with the two of them here:

But, if you want to get to the chase, skip to the 50th minute.

Larry David’s impressions make sense now

As we all know, Larry is famous for his impressions of Bernie Sanders. Look at this one that’s aptly named Bern Your Enthusiasm on SNL!

Because of this, it hurt even more when Larry David advised Bernie Sanders to drop out of the Democratic Primaries. And he heeded to his advice, as not long after Bernie announced he suspended his campaign and has now endorsed Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate.

Just imagine how awesome it would have been to see Larry David mimic his cousin, the President of the United States!

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