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Henry Cavill Is Painting Stuff During Quarantine To Pass Time

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The Witcher star (and previously Superman) Henry Cavill took to social media to talk about how he is spending his time during the quarantine. Writing a post for his 11.4 million followers, he talked about how he spent his Easter weekend. He told that he is doing something that only a geek can be seen doing: painting figurines. Cavill is spending his time painting miniature Warhammer figurines to satisfy his geekiness to all its might. The Hollywood star is famous for his role as Geralt of Rivia. Claiming that he is also a big fan of the fictional character, he even read the books and played his video game.

Henry Cavill Is Painting Miniatures During Quarantine

By the looks of it, Cavill is also a fan of video game Warhammer. He shared a picture of it on his Instagram, where he was painting a mini helmet. Since the previous weekend was Easter, and he is stuck inside his house due to the lockdown, Cavill decided to spend his time polishing his “old skills” . This, and try out “some new ones”. His entire caption has us captivated by the way he wrote it. Throughout the caption, Henry Cavill tried giving us double thoughts. He even called out those who think that he is not a geek.

“If you were in denial about me being a geek before, you can’t hide from it now.”

Take a look at his post below:

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Considering we are, both, going through the Easter period, and going through The Lockdown, I figured it a good time to put a silver lining onto the cloud that is some of the darker moments during this time. So I've decided to polish some old skills and try my hand at some new ones! It is a time of rebirth after all. So, as you can see here, the obvious might look a little bit like a tiny helmet…which it is. One of my almost life long hobbies, that I've been following but not actively doing, is this. A company called Games Workshop…or plastic crack as "we" call it. Genuinely can't get enough of the lore they have built over the decades. They have been some of my most enthused reads! If you were in denial about me being a geek before, you can't hide from it now. Also, in the background of this photo, there may just be some completely new skills I'm working on…..or there may not be, so all of your eye squinting and attempts at digital unfocusing will be in vain….orrrr maybe they won't. I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all of the NHS (National Health Service, here in the UK) and healthcare workers worldwide, for your unceasing efforts to protect us. I imagine it might be feeling a little rough right now, but you Ladies and Gents are absolutely smashing it! Keep it up! You got this. "Hold on a second", I hear you utter….."if he has both hands in the photo…how is he taking the photo??" New skills, my friends….new skills. #Easter #Passover #GamesWorkshop #ProperGeek #Custodes #NewSkills #NHS #ThankYou #Raggy?

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Cavill also teased his new skills by telling fans that there might be something new he is working on the computer screen shown in the background. He further tempted them to see if they can unfocus the background digitally to reveal if it reveals anything. Changing his focus to the members of the National Health Services, he thanked the doctors, nurses and the entire staff for the work they are doing, before signing off.

Cavill is set to return to Netflix for the second season of The Witcher, whereas DC might just call him once again as Superman.

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