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The House Of Cards Trailer Review

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So the trailer for Netflix’s cult political thriller “The House of Cards” final season is a, already on the block. Behold! It’s remarkable. “House of Cards” Season 6 will debut on Netflix on 2nd November 2018 closing the merchandise once for all. Things are disappointing, at least for the show’s loyal followers who were expecting the show to run longer. HOC’s sudden cancellation is disillusioning, but as they say, all good things must come to an end.

The trailer opens with HOC’s invincible Robin Wright’s narration. Even against the exotic conifers of Carolina’s winters, the drab soullessness of the ambiance is palpable. Donned in her lapis lazuli office suit, Wright’s Claire Underwood delivers a cold, condemning speech at her late husband’s grave.

“I’ll tell you this though, Francis,” Claire says. “When they bury me, it won’t be in my backyard. And when they pay their respects, they’ll have to wait in line.”

It is worth a mention that no one, but HOC’s own Lady Macbeth is capable of containing these several years of emotions in mere three sentences. Viewers were already aware of the absence of warmth between the two, and Claire’s speech adds credibility to the idea. Frank’s death does not undermine Claire’s own abhorrence, nor does it show her in any different light. But, Claire’s reaction to her rather associate’s death is justifiable. Wright’s words in this particular scene were so cold, they gave us frostbite.

The scene then quickly shifts, confirming all the circulating rumors. HOC’s face, The Frank Underwood, is now dead. And, to add to the mortification of his demise, he has been entombed next to the person he hated the most: his father.

Kevin Spacey’s controversial ousting from the political thriller led to the show getting prematurely canceled. Multiple people came forward, earlier this year following the #Metoo movement, accusing Spacey of sexual harassment. Netflix was quick to respond to the entire drama. It not only severed ties with Spacey but also canceled its plans to include him in its Gore Vidal biopic. The production house too, cleaved away from Spacey.

It is not unusual for stars to get expelled from shows following their lack of social etiquette. ABC fired Roseanne from its hit show of the same namesake when she flung a racist insult at Obama’s advisor Valerie Jarret. In a similar move, Disney too fired Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn owing to his offensive tweets. This culture of immediate kicking-out has been monumental in reminding ‘Great America’ that distasteful behavior will not be tolerated at any level.

The trailer obviously shows more footage than mentioned. We are soon moved to the main scene. Two men are featured as they walk down the White House corridor, traversing the portrait of America’s late president. The scene moves into another corridor where there is more physical work going on, and then into another corridor where most of the work is being done over the phone; before finally entering White House’s sacred Oval Office. An extremely badass woman, with a familiar face but stronger persona, swings around to greet us.

‘It’s just getting started’ exclaims America’s new president.

Though dark, Spacey was still HOC’s heart. His absence has created a void. All the slashing, seduction, manslaughter, wrongdoings, and evil have faded away into an ugly gloom, and all maneuvers that earlier appeared through a witty diplomatic façade have been reduced to mere pretexts.
Spacey’s exit has created a single, central problem. Now there is no one to fight against. The show’s final serving was to depict the coda of the Underwood’s splendor. Thirst for power; the only uniting factor between the estranged couple was profoundly breached, and they were supposed to split for a battle against each other. Now that Spacey is gone there is no worthy opponent.

The trailer could have been more exciting in a number of ways. Makers could have used the widely available subtle technology to showcase Frank’s death or at least a glimpse of his futile last words. Unless the makers have planned to incorporate the America-Soviet cold war into the series’ final innings, the season would be a mere drag until the audience finally congratulates itself for reaching the end.

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