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Stop Blaming Ariana Grande for Mac Miller’s Death

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Popular rapper Mac Miller died on Friday out of a reported drug overdose. And even when his death at just the age of 26 is a tragedy, people are definitely not handling it the right way. Many are blaming his ex girlfriend Ariana Grande for his death. But that’s really not how things should be.

What Really Happened?

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller were going out for almost 2 years before they broke up in Spring this year. Soon afterwards, Ariana Grande started dating the Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson. Their relationship and romance has been all over the internet for the past few months. But now that Mac Miller’s death broke out, his fans started picking on the singer saying that she abandoned him when he most needed her. And that he had always been open about his struggles with addiction, yet Ariana Grande chose to dump him.

Previously, when Mac Miller opened up about his depression, Ariana Grande also became a victim of criticism. But back then, she explained it herself how she had nothing to do with the rapper’s condition. In a Twitter post, Ariana Grande claimed that it was absurd that people ask women to stay in toxic relationships just because their partners wrote an album for them. And that she was not a babysitter or mother. In fact, she added that no woman should ever feel that way. Ariana Grande claimed that she had always supported Mac Miller’s sobriety and prayed for his balance. But blaming a woman for a man’s inability to handle himself was not right. However, she said that she would continue to pray that he figures it all out.

Fans Accusing Ariana Grande of Mac Miller’s Death

Ever since the news of Mac Miller’s death came out, people picked on Ariana Grande again. The singer even shared a picture of the late rapper on her Instagram. But she was forced to turn off the commenting on her social media since fans kept bombarding her with accusations, hatred, and harassment.

Considering the backlash she started receiving, a lot many of her fans and others who could see things for real came to her defense.

Is It Even Ariana Grande’s Fault?

Probably not. People who have been blaming the singer for bringing Mac Miller’s death have not thought their claims through. And if actually noticed, the entire thing makes little or no sense.

Mac Miller was an adult who could make his own decisions and take responsibility of his own life. And there is absolutely no reason to say that his condition stemmed from Ariana Grande moving on with her life. When singers Demi Lovato overdosed, people regarded that as a personal but poor life choice. But when Mac Miller overdoses, it’s all because Ariana decided to break up for her betterment? In fact, the entire idea of accusing Ariana Grande simply because she moved on with her life is pathetic. Under no circumstances does it imply that her happiness was the cause of his depression. This whole narrative just presents the picture that women should be responsible for their partners. And they are no good if they fail to fix their men.

If anything, Ariana Grande and Mac Miller were supposedly on friendly terms even after they broke up. So, is there any reason that people should hate Ariana for his death? Especially, when he did not even kill himself under mental health issues, but rather overdosed on drugs. Mac Miller’s death is surely a tragedy, and everyone including Ariana must be grieving. But instead of sending hate her way, the focus needs to be on how the world has lost another talented face to addiction and abuse. Rather than gossiping about Grande’s involvement in Mac Miller’s death, it’s time to talk about the toxicity of addictions.

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