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Gwen Stefani gives Blake Shelton a quarantine haircut

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Blake Shelton is spending quarantine with girlfriend Gwen Stefani, her kids and other family members in his ranch in Oklahoma. Before everything went south, he was preparing for a tour. But as soon as the news broke that the virus is spreading, he took off with his family. They are living quite a self-sufficient lifestyle. Gwen bakes bread while Blake builds fences.

Gwen Stefani gives Blake a haircut

Back when Blake Shelton won the Sexiest Man Alive title, he wanted to bring back his hairstyle from the 90s. But fate wouldn’t have it. Now that he is in quarantine and has got nothing better to do, he has decided along with his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, that it is time to bring back the hairstyle. Billy Ray Cyrus was basically the inspiration behind this hairstyle for Blake. Also, many kids these days are trying to pull off this look, so Blake believes that it is the perfect time to get the hairstyle.

On Jimmy Fallon Tonight, Blake was called on the show. He told Jimmy that it was his haircut day and he won’t postpone it for the call. Jimmy wholeheartedly gave him the go-ahead to get the haircut on video. Then came Gwen Stefani holding a trimmer. She told Jimmy that she has agreed to help Blake maintain his hair to get the mullet-look that he wants. Blake looked quite trustful of Gwen Stefani’s haircutting abilities. To entertain Jimmy, she even did Jimmy’s initials on Blake’s head. It clearly showed that Jimmy was having the time of his life watching Blake Shelton getting his hair chopped.

After Gwen Stefani was done with her hairstyling job, she and her boyfriend performed the duet “Nobody But You”.

Watch The Tonight episode below:

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