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Donald Trump Calls Himself Dictator In Public Briefing Meltdown

And it's one of his worst meltdowns.

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Donald Trump is famous for his entertaining press briefings. But this time, he had one of his worst meltdowns. This is because he called himself a dictator and played a propaganda video. This was after the media questioned him over his failed response to Coronavirus in the US.

Donald Trump calls himself the “ultimate authority”

Trump pretty much called himself a dictator in his recent press briefing. A reporter asked him what authority he had over state governors to re-open the country? In response, the US President said:

I have the ultimate authority.

That is a very bold claim by Donald Trump, as it makes him sound like a proper dictator. But, six of the governors of Eastern States made statements that they had ultimate authority on re-opening their states. Moreover, it’s a dangerous policy, as Coronavirus is still to peak in the US. But, he had a lot more to say in this briefing.

Trump shows everyone his propaganda video and lashes at a reporter

Donald Trump Calls Himself Dictator In Coronavirus Public Briefing Meltdown

In the same press briefing, Donald Trump played a whole video made by the White House staff. It was a monologue of different governors praising him for his work and calling The New York Times ‘fake news’. However, this video didn’t sit well with the reporters in the room. One of them called him out by asking what the administration had done to contain COVID-19 in February. To that, Trump responded:

You’re a fake, you know you’re a fake. You’re disgraceful, you’re so disgraceful.

This press briefing was held after the New York Times wrote a detailed report on Donald Trump’s failure to control Coronavirus spread in the US. Instead of addressing their concerns, Trump was continuously calling out the media:

We’ve done this right, we’ve really done this right, the problem is the press doesn’t cover it.

With Coronavirus cases sky-rocketing in the US, it doesn’t look like Donald Trump was ever right. You can watch highlights of the press-briefing here:


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