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Robert Downey Jr. Reacts To Britney Spears Dolittle Endorsement

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The most recent Robert Downey Jr. film released is Dolittle, but little do people know of it (pun intended). But, it couldn’t do much at the box office. However, recently the film got some endorsement from a star some of us may know – Britney Spears! Let’s see how Ironman reacted to it!

Dolittle could do little at the box office (Ha!)

Robert Downey Jr.’s Dolittle was one of the final films to get a full release before COVID-19 infected the theatres and Hollywood. However, it still couldn’t perform well financially. The movie could only earn $220 million, which might sound like a lot. But, it wasn’t much considering the movie cost a whopping $175 million!

And it didn’t do well with the critics too, who gave it a 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But since all of us are in quarantine, we can pretty much watch everything that’s available. And that’s what Britney Spears did, which made Robert Downey Jr. very happy!

Britney Spears loved it!

After watching Dolittle, Britney Spears went on Instagram and made sure everyone knew how much she loved the film. She said in her post:

This movie is a must see !!! @RobertDowneyJr is so genuine you fall in love with him ….. the animal characters are hilarious and there seems to be a Special Tone throughout the whole movie which I find hard to find these days.


As soon as Robert Downey Jr. heard these words, he was over the moon!

Robert Downey Jr. reacts

As soon as he heard this news, he went on Instagram and told everyone to do as Britney says! Downey Jr. reposted Britney and wrote:

Quarantine activities: 1. Listen to Britney 2. Listen to Britney! Check out #Dolittle streaming online this weekend with your little ones…


Well, since Robert Downey Jr and Britney Spears are screaming for us to watch Dolittle, who are we to say no? You can catch the film on Amazon Prime Video!

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