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Michelle Williams tells fans to seek mental health therapy during quarantine

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Is staying at home day in and out your ideal vacation? For many of us, it isn’t! Planned and timely vacation is what people normally sought out. But, self-isolation and quarantine due to coronavirus pandemic has everyone affected in different ways.

This pandemic is taking a toll on the economy. And people are not just apprehensive about losing their jobs but they’re anxious about paying bills in the coming months, buying groceries and affording any kind of medical emergency.

The virus has everyone affected in so many different ways. And stars like Michelle William are reaching out to their followers trying to explain to them one simple fact. She is advocating seeking mental help by a professional in these trying times.

How Michelle William is trying to help during the pandemic

She explains that even if you’ve isolated yourself at home with others, it is normal to feel lonely. Because some people process their stresses better outdoors. By doing activities like shopping, gyming, walking, etc.

The singer tweeted a link to a website which is called virusanxiety.com. This website solely deals with problems of anxiety and depression people are facing during coronavirus pandemic.

And she tweeted something very reassuring for people. She said:

 “It’s okay to process your trauma / abuse with trusted professionals in the mental health area! Counseling and therapy are also one of God’s gifts! “

Other celebrities are helping too

Michelle is not the only celebrity trying to make this pandemic easy on her fans. Many others are doing their parts. Likewise, Taraji P. Henson has started a free therapy service online. She says:

‘This campaign is for underserved communities experiencing or triggered by life-changing events related to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the African American community, we have been taught to resist, to hide our suffering, but this is something that none of us have ever experienced, and no one should suffer in silence. “

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