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Tina Fey: The Comedienne Of The 21st Century

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You simply need to be a human to adore Tina Fey. There is literally not one thing she touches that does not simply awe us. For those who Tina more for her on-screen work, I can safely say that they have watched her every show multiple times.

Elizabeth Stamatina Fey (born 18 May, 1970) is an American actress, comedian, writer, producer, and playwright. The Pennsylvania born star debuted in the entertainment industry starring in an improvisational theatre ensemble of the comedy group Second City. Fey, has since then been actively involved in the entertainment industry, giving it some of its best slapsticks. Fey is an icon, a star, an inspiration whose afflatus has respired life into several Hollywood comedies.

Giving Comedy Back Its Authenticity

Tina has laid bedrock for future comedians to build upon. Exploring all genres of comedy including improvisational comedy, blue comedy, satire, sketch and insult comedy, and even surreal humor, Fey is an august queen of American humor. Her ambitious projects including 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt shine through their unabashed kookiness while reflecting Fey’s inventive finesse.

Probably the best part about Fey’s work lies in its ingenuity and distinctiveness. Fey won’t simply repeat herself, not even if she is creating something round the same set-up or genre. One time she creates a satirical farce revolving around an office scenario, while another time she develops a sitcom following the life of a naïve girl who has just been rescued from an apocalyptic cult. She is familiar to all the tools of trade, yet she does not stick to the tried and tested formula. Fey would continually experiment, dishing out various ideas for her shows. She would then execute her ideas with such perfection that her shows turn out to be absolute masterpieces. Fey avoids monotony on all levels. Producers ought to follow from her example. It is the only way to reclaim lost ratings for sitcoms and comedies.

A Role Model For Women

When you imagine a woman hosting an award show, catering the most celebrated entertainers and big wigs, it is not difficult to presume that a man would be accompanying her in her gig. This; however, is not the case for Tina Fey. When she ascends the Golden Globe stage, it is usually with her accomplice the admired TV personality Amy Poehler.

The narrative of the friendship of this dynamic duo is an accurate representation of queens fixing each other’s crowns. The two friends from completely different walks of life bonded over a common ground, and have since then supported each other over several instances. From sharing screen space in SNL’s iconic fake news segment ‘Weekend Updates’ to starring together in the film Sisters, their unexampled chemistry has been educational. In an era where women would often dig each other’s flaws, Fey via her friendship with Poehler set a benchmark for women empowerment.

Independently too, Fey inspires women. Her meaningful cameos in certain shows touch upon the subject of feminism in the most comprehensive and intelligent manner. When she appeared on the ‘Great News’, she advised the protagonist Katie Weldenson to stop idolizing contemporary heroes. She guided her that the touchstone has already been set, and women should focus on becoming a better version of themselves, rather than just vaguely copying others.

This is just a brief example of Fey’s guidance for women; in reality there are innumerable cues available to draw from Fey’s life and work. A stranger had slashed Fey’s face as a child, she revealed in her autobiography. However, she did not allow the traumatic experience to take a toll on her. She evolved as an artist, irrespective of all odds.

Fey is all set to grace the Emmy stage as a presenter on Sept.17th. We sincerely hope for her continuing success, may she continue to inspire us like she has done before.

To quote the legend herself;

“Don’t waste your energy trying to change opinions … Do your thing, and don’t care if they like it.”

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