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Michael Bublé Accused of Abusing His Wife Luisana Lopilato

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From a distance, celebrity lives do seem perfect and magical. However, a lot of celebrity couples hide their issue from the public. Recently, the news of Michael Bublé abusing his wife, Luisana Lopilato came out. Despite her denying the allegations, her fans are not convinced.


Few days ago, Luisana Lopilato addressed her fans’ concerns about Michael Bublé’s attitude

During coronavirus lock down, Bublé and his wife, Luisana Lopilato has been doing live video chats with their fans. While Michael Bublé is a Grammy award-winning singer who is loved by people all over the world, his wife is equally successful. In her hometown, Argentina, Luisana Lopilato is a big name in the modeling and acting industries. Although the couple has been happily married for almost nine years, some of Lopilato’s fans have noticed Bublé’s weird attitude. After that, Lopilato a lengthy explanation on her Instagram and rejected her fans’ allegations of Michael Buble abusing his wife.

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Es increíble como son algunos seres humanos!! Mientras que atravesamos esta pandemia, y vivimos momentos de encierro, angustia, miedo, soledad, incertidumbres de todo tipo! Nosotros todos los días salimos con mi marido a hacer vivos para llevarles un poco de alegría, entretenimiento, añoranzas, y tenemos q soportar escuchar y ver lo que publican personas malintencionadas que salen a hablar cualquier cosa y sin conocer nada de nuestra familia, y después de todo el dolor que pasamos con Mike quiero que sepan que no tengo dudas quien es mi esposo y lo volvería a elegir una y mil veces más!! No es Justo! Esta persona está haciendo daño y aprovechándose de esta pandemia donde la gente está sufriendo, muriendo y encerrada, para tener fama y más seguidores. Esta diciendo mentiras que no voy a permitir porque le falta el respeto a mi familia, así que les pido a ustedes que tanto confían en mí desde hace años que no lo permitan tampoco! Sin más que decir y haciendo lo que creo correcto cuando se meten con mi familia, dejo para Dios las consecuencias! El mundo necesita en estos momentos más que nunca “ amor, esperanza, valores, unidad y solidaridad” NO este tipo de personas.

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Despite that, her fans are adamant that Michael Bublé abusing wife news is true

While some posted comments on her post, others came forward with proof of Michael Bublé abusing his wife. One of her fans posted a clip from their live chat where Bublé is seen shoving his wife away and then pulling her back towards him. In the caption, her fan wrote:

“I don’t know about you, guys. But I saw this and was outraged by Michael’s treatment of Luisana, seriously WTF.”


Another person posted a clip where Bublé visibly looks upset with his wife for being late.

In response to Luisana Lopilato’s Instagram post, her fans did not buy her explanation and still believe that Michael Bublé’s abusing his wife. One fan commented:

Are you kidding? he treats you like an asshole in all the videos, there´s no joke or anything funny in it. No one assumed anything because the videos speak for themselves.

Michael Buble abusing wife

While another wrote:

Gurl, TAKE A HINT!!!!! He gets mad at you take for being late to a IG Live….He hit you. Geeeeeet out of there. That is violence!!!!

Michael Buble abusing wife

If the allegations of Michael Bublé abusing his wife are true and it does look like that, Lopilato should just take a stand.

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