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It’s official. CW’s Riverdale has lost its damn mind

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CW’s Riverdale has always got something going on. We agree the show has a pretty good thing going. They have a good cast, a good script and well, a pretty fun first three seasons. Starting off with KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Madelaine Petsch, Lili Reinhart, and Camila Mendes, the show was pretty great. The makers of Riverdale got fans reeled in with the whole modern take on the Archie and Jughead comics. So much that we do not know whether we are watching a soap, a horror, a romance, or well, just a blunder. After following the show religiously for 3 seasons, I think I deserve to say Riverdale no longer makes sense. Their concept has gone from held together to now being all over the place.

Riverdale has lost its concept and senses.

In season 3, Hiram Lodge, Mark Consuelos, said as a dialogue in an episode of Riverdale,

Riverdale is broken

Now we cannot help but feel that it is very applicable in real life too. In season one of the show, we saw how the Murder of Cheryl Blossom’s brother, Jason Bloom’s death brought the town of Riverdale its the biggest mystery yet. And after that, everything just seemed to go downhill in the town.

We find ourselves falling in love with the modern-day take on the Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead romance. With overprotective parents, blunders among siblings, gangs, charges, and whatnot, the show had everything in it! A bunch of high school students from the town of Riverdale finding their place among the mystery and accusations. All the while finding time to fall in and out of love.

Last season, it seemed like Riverdale was starting to lose hold of its concept. Almost trying too hard with Archie in the Detention Centre and the trial.

This season on the CW Mystery Show

However, this season seems to have broken the entire show. First, we encountered the “death” of Jughead. Well, first of all, he is the narrator. He is the one writing the stories of the happenings in the town. Second, you do not just pretend to kill off a member like that. At the time Cole Sprouse had no intention of leaving Riverdale. Not a single word from him about it. Yet, the show makers brewed rumors about Cole Sprouse and whether he would have a future on the show. Well, it was pretty much a wasted effort as Jughead comes back and it is said to be all “staged”.

In the most recent episode, we find ourselves with an absurd concept! Our team is not one to knit pick but, we think the show is going a little overboard now. Viola! Introducing the drag squad from Riverdale!

Well, it doesn’t exactly go with the vibe of the show. But hey, whatever the writers want, you know. We do think it may be time for producers to wrap the show up nicely and without any more messes. We wouldn’t want our favorite squad of mystery solvers to be etched in our memories as something out of a nightmare.

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