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Logan Paul had an accident

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Logan Paul’s YouTube game is going strong as he is out there posting vlogs consistently. Not only YouTube, but he is going crazy making Tik Tok videos as well. So as it shows, there can’t be a video making app, where you won’t find Logan Paul.

Logan Paul’s recent vlog

On April 8, 2020, Logan is goofing around with Evan as always. He declares his love for Tik Tok in this video. As he has previously done the green screen thing for his video and got his nose pierced as well. Being very cautious, he wears a mask in hopes to not catch the virus outside his house. He is in his friend’s jeep driving it around steering at a 45-degree angle. And Logan being Logan, flips the vehicle. His friends should have known that he doesn’t treat things well. Y’all remember what he did with another friend’s Rolls Royce right?

The fun doesn’t end quite here in this vlog. A random watermelon finds its way in Logan Paul’s hands. And guess what the boxer in him asks him to do? Yes, exactly he decided to punch it. Well, I can tell you that he got his hand into some trouble after attempting that. But later he summons all his rage and throws a wide assortment of things on the poor melon.

Now the industrial engineer in him decided to build a duct tape bridge over his pool. After building that he crawls over it and succeeds. Then he sends his dog followed by Evan to check the strength of the bridge. While Evan makes the attempt to cross the bridge, Logan cuts the bridge. Evan had his revenge when Logan tries to cross the bridge inside the house. Luckily there are huge cushions for Logan Paul to land on.

Watch Logan Paul’s crazy vlog here.

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