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Star-Lord’s Name Is More Than What Most of Us Think

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This is like one of those memes where Paul Rudd says, “who would have thought, not me!”. We finally know the reason why Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill named himself Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy series. The Marvel movie series has a huge fanbase, mostly because of how James Gunn directed the action-comedy fiction. Now, the fanbase has another reason to keep up with their love for the plot, storyline and the director himself of course. Contrary to what most of us thought, there is a bigger reason behind Quill’s superhero name.

James Gunn Talks About Star-Lord During Watch Party

It was Gunn who revealed to us one of the movie’s heartwarming explanations. The fan-favorite director took part in the first Guardians movie watch party on Twitter past Tuesday. It was him and many of the movie cast who were chatting about their experience shooting the films. It was then when Gunn tweeted:

“The fact that Quill is so adamant about his name being Star-Lord because that’s what his Mom called him isn’t brought up to me often.”

Peter Quill’s mother wrote his son a letter before she died. There, she called him “little Star-Lord”, kicking off an emotional attachment to the name for Quill. This is why he has always been so adamant in keeping the name, no matter how cocky or ridiculous it may sound to others.

Star-Lord indeed gave double thoughts to the audience who watched the movie. Twitter users quickly realized the depth in which Gunn kept the movie, admitting how most of them never expected this reasoning.

Then again, are we to blame thinking that Star-Lord had any emotional meaning involved? Pratt’s amazing performance in the movie would not budge us from the idea that Quill was trying to sound cocky or cool. Who could have thought otherwise?

However, now that we know about the real reason, we think it is one of the most heartwarming stuff by Pratt’s Peter Jason Quill.

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