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Netflix Keeps Cancelling Shows After One Season

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If you love to watch films and TV shows, you must be familiar with streaming websites. Among all the streaming websites, Netflix is the most popular all over the world. It has the biggest collection of films, shows, and documentaries along with their original content. However, people are perplexed after Netflix’s canceling shows left, right, and center.

Although it produces some of the best original content, what can be the reason behind Netflix canceling show?

In order to keep producing new content and get new viewers, Netflix needs to keep the ratings up. In general, their original shows last three to four seasons. However, some shows are canceled after one season. If a particular show, for example, Stranger Things, gets enough buzz and people are talking about it, Netflix will keep it going. However, if a show cannot attract the audience, Netflix’s canceling shows will be justified. Shows like Orange Is The New Black and Stranger Things have won many awards. This gets people’s attention and means new memberships. If a show is not successful in gathering such attention, it gets the cut. In that case, it doesn’t matter that people are disappointed that Netflix’s canceling shows. However, new shows are introduced on a weekly basis and keep people interested.

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All the shows Netflix has canceled in 2020

Every month, the streaming website releases a list of shows it is going to introduce along with a list of Netflix canceling shows. Similarly, many shows were released at the beginning of this show and were loved by people as well. However, most of them could not go beyond one season and were canceled. Here’s a list of all the shows Netflix canceled in 2020:

  • Osmosis
  • Messiah
  • Mortel
  • Marianne
  • Soundtrack
  • Spinning Out
  • Aj and the Queen
  • October Factions
  • V Wars

On the other hand, Netflix has already renewed its two reality shows, Love is Blind and The Circle, for second seasons. While we get new shows every week, it is always sad to say goodbye to your favorite shows so abruptly. However, it seems that this pattern will not be changed in the future.

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