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Why Jeff Bezos Amazon is so Evil?

Joe RogJJJan and Jimmy Dore talk about how creepy Amazon is.

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JRE Podcast‘s Joe Rogan and host of The Jimmy Dore Show think that Jeff Bezos Amazon is evil and creepy.


Jeff Bezos behavior with Employees

The interesting conversation on the world’s richest man & Amazons CEO Jeff Bezos (net worth $124 billion) started with stand-up comedian Jimmy Dore’s analysis on the billionaire’s acquisition of Washington Post. He also talked about Bezos multi-million dollar deal with the US Intelligence agency.

The richest man in the world had a $600 million deal and is in bed with the CIA. Owns the Washington Post and is on the Pentagon board. It’s like a f****ng nightmare!

The guest then sheds light on how Jeff Bezos (net worth $124 billion) reacts to employees writing about him. He also believes we don’t live in a democracy anymore.

You can’t crtiicize him in the paper. A guy wrote about ‘how Amazon treats it’s employees’ in the Wahington Post and he was disciplined for doing that. That’s the world we live. When we try to highlight a crime in the US government, they use the espionage act to crackdown on you. Democracy has been taken from us.

While still on the subject of Jeff Bezos treatment with the employees, Joe Rogan shared a story from inside Amazon.

I know someone who actually works there. The person told me that they get a countdown. So lets say when an order comes in, they literally have to run to find the product and meet the countdown. If they don’t, it means trouble for them.

Dore shared another creepy story from inside Jeff Bezos multinational technology company bases in Seattle. According to him, Amazon makes the employees wear something on their wrist, which shocks them every time they make a wrong move. Manh, that’s downright evil.

Tell us what you think about these stories? Do you have an inside Amazon story to share?

Let us know in the comments section. Dankanator will keep you updated.


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