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Amy Schumer is being sued for posting pictures of herself

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Humorist and on-screen character Amy Schumer has been sued for posting two paparazzi photographs of herself on Instagram.  A New York photographer is pressing charges at the actress for copyright infringement.

The Photos

In November 2019, Schumer is pushing her child, Gene in a stroller. A photographer took a picture of her. The ‘Trainwreck’ actress is wearing a Plus Size Brain sweatshirt, which is on sale on her site’s store. This probably happened because Amy wanted better sales for her products.

Felipe Ramales was quick to get the attention of Amy Schumer’s stunt. Because of which he decided to run the comedian for a trial in the court. And so, the photographer has put the comedian under a lawsuit for $300,000. One of the documents reads:

“Defendants ran the photographs on the website to sell and promote their clothing”

The lawsuit

And according to Gulf News, the lawsuit reads:

“As a direct and proximate cause of the infringement
by the Defendants of Plaintiff’s copyright and exclusive rights under copyright, Plaintiff is
entitled to damages and Defendants profits pursuant… for the infringement,”.
Alternatively, Plaintiff is entitled to statutory damages up to $150,000 [Dh550,833] per work
infringed for Defendant’s willful infringement of the photographs.”

Ramales’ attorney Richard Liebowitz said that this incident is a prime example of when celebrities use their online platforms to promote themselves. They do this by using photos they did not pay for or obtain license to use them either.

Hence, Ramales’ attorney is advocating photographers to stand up for themselves and demand their rights. Moreover, he’s also stressing that all photographers should get money for their hard work.

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