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WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange’s Fiancé Stella Morris Demands Former Hacker’s Release

Assange fathered two kids while in Ecuador embassy and is also under threat from Coronavirus

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According to WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange’s fiancé, Stella Morris, the former hacker fathered her two kids while still in Ecuador Embassy. She also demands his immediate release because of serious health concerns amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Julian Assange’s Health is at Risk, says his Lawyer Fiancé

The mother of WikiLeaks creator’s sons, wants the concerned authorities to release him as soon as possible. According to sources, her plea suggests that his life is at risk because of the novel Coronavirus. His well-wishers including Pamela Anderson (The Hills), revealed that he is not in good shape. Pamela Anderson visited him last year and shed light on his deteriorating health.

Bernie Sanders is another of his supporters. Bernie Sanders Tweeted about Donald Trump administration’s decision to bring espionage charges against Julian Assange.

Let me be clear. It is a disturbing attack on the First Amendment by the Trump administration. Donald Trump must obey the Constitution, which protects the publication of news about our government.

He was living in Ecuador’s embassy for more than half a decade but was taken out of there by force last year. Officials there reversed Julian Assange’s political asylum and let the Metropolitan Police of London, arrest him from the premises.

The controversial figure is being kept at Belmarsh Prison ever since and is waiting for his trial against the US government to commence. The extradition hearing will see him face questions related to WikiLeaks for leaking confidential documents. Julian Assange is also accused of espionage.

The Secret Relationship

Stella revealed the details of her relationship with him while applying for his bail. This is the first time Julian Assange relationship details have gone public.

I met him in 2011. As a legal researcher and I was looking into ways to halt Julian Assange’s extradition. We developed a strong intellectual and emotional bond over time and became good friends. In 2015, we began a relationship despite the “extraordinary circumstances”.

The fiancé also told the Mail that WikiLeaks’ founder watched the birth of his sons live via video link. We will get married even if he is not released, says Morris.

Let’s see if the COVID-19 outbreak paves way for his release. Dankanator will update you if and when that happens.


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