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Toni Braxton talks Plaquenil Treatment For Coronavirus

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Hardly a day passes without news of Coronavirus. Toni Braxton began a thread on her Twitter on Plaquenil being the drug of choice or not for COVID-19.  Because with the increasing numbers of newly reported cases, people are desperate to hear news about its’ vaccine and cure. Amid this crisis, many people have come with many suggestions on how to deal with suffering patients. But none have been much effective. Toni Braxton has also given her suggestions on treating patients with the Plaquenil.

Toni Braxton’s take on Plaquenil for treating patients with coronavirus

Plaquenil is the drug of choice for the treatment of acute and chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Braxton has suggested treating the COVID-19 cases with the Plaquenil. She has also asked her fans for their suggestions on Twitter.

A fan of her answered:

“This drug works!!!! My mom had an extreme case of COVID-19 and was given this for 10 days when she was still in ICU and on a ventilator. This drug saved her life in conjunction with the amazing medical staff who worked tirelessly to take care of her”.

According to the Celebrity Insider, one of the fans criticized the idea by saying that

‘‘This is becoming annoying. Hydroxychloroquine is NOT A CURE/VACCINE for COVID-19. I wish they would stop pushing this medication as a medication for the coronavirus UNTIL IT IS
THOROUGHLY VETTED AND PROVEN to be the solution for COVID-19. I understand people want to take precautionary measures, but it causes problems in the long run, especially for Lupus and arthritis patients.’’

Most of the people were seen to be outraged by the idea and asked Toni to leave the matter to the professionals. Because it’s a matter of life and death that can’t be compromised.

It’s not the first time that someone has passed their suggestions on the matter but according to WHO, the best possible treatment is yet to be found with the best vaccine. Until then people
have to be patient. And avoid intervening in the ongoing research. All that is expected of them is social distancing and quarantine.

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