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Will Harvey Weinstein Go The Jeffrey Epstein Way?

The similarities and differences between the two.

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Joe Rogan and skeptic Michael Shermer believe that Jeffrey Epstein’s death was not a suicide but a conspiracy to murder. The two also talk about whether former film producer, Harvey Weinstein will suffer the same fate as Jeffrey‘s.

The Similarities and Differences between Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein

Most of us know about the Jeffrey Epstein case. For those who don’t, he was convicted as a sex offender in 2008 and sent behind bars for over a year. He was arrested on the charges of sex trafficking of minors and imprisoned again in 2019 but a few weeks later he was found dead in his jail cell. The cause of death was stated as suicide but many believe his death was a result of a conspiracy.

While talking about how Jeffrey Epstein died, Joe Rogan referred to famous autopsy doctor Michael Baden.

The famous autopsy doctor Baden says “it’s completely inconsistent with hanging by your own weight but rather someone strangling you from behind.”

Michael Shermer also believes in the conspiracy theory and shed light on another possible piece of evidence from the day of Jeffrey Epstein’s death.  A couple of security cameras angled at his cell were not working that day.

I wrote something about the two cameras not working. Someone commented that the cams are always not working there and I was like, well, sure…

The conversation then shifted to another famous sex offender, Harvey Weinstein. They discussed the similarities between the two and the dirt they had on other powerful figures. Shermer said that Harvey knows a lot about powerful people in key positions and that can be a motive to get rid of him the same way as Epstein.

When Harvey Weinstein got his conviction, I thought, oh boy, they better have real suicide watch on this guy. He surely has a black book just as big as Epstein.

However, Rogan believes that what Weinstein knows is nothing compared to what Jeffrey did. He had dirt on powerful men like Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and more. They hesitate to talk about him, even after his death.

I think what the former film producer has got is “hey I had sex with these starlets and turned them into big-time celebrities.”I don’t think anything he has will look good for him. The thing with Jeffrey Epstein is different. He knows way too much about people like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew and others. People ask questions and they still don’t want to answer anything about him.

The crux of the whole conversation is rather simple. They both knew things and it won’t be surprising if Harvey suffers the same fate as Epstein’s. The investigations don’t see a plausible conclusion when there are influential people involved. John F. Kennedy’s assassination is a prime example of this.

What do you think about this interesting conversation? Let us know in the comments section. Dankanator will keep you updated on more conspiracy theories. Stay tuned!

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