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What Hollywood Has Lost With Burt Reynolds Death

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Hollywood lost a legend this Thursday. Burt Reynolds, best remembered for his performances in ‘Deliverance’ and ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ died at 82, as confirmed by his agent Todd Eisner.  Reynolds’ demise is indeed saddening, and has felt his fans and the entire Hollywood industry grief-stricken.

Reynolds passed away at Jupiter Medical Centre, Florida; owing to long term heart problems.  The actor had in fact undergone quintuple heart surgeries back in 2010. However, his heart gave in to the disease. He was filming Quentin Tarantino’s movie about the Charles Manson murders, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

The passing of Burt Reynolds has cast a harsh glare on Hollywood. Reynolds tied himself with the industry very closely; his stagecraft still radiates inspiration and unexampled finesse.  Reynolds career is a tale in itself. The brilliance of his career manifest the significance of struggle in the pursuit of excellence. His life is a testament to pure hard work. Not all of his endeavors bore fruit. Some moments were of triumph some of debacles, but he kept going. He taught us how to stand up after every downfall.

His Amazing Career

There were no plateaus in Burt Reynolds’ career graph, only sheer inconsistency. He was eulogized as a maestro, and scorned as a rookie. His films ruled the box office, and failed the same horribly too. Regardless of whether his features garnered dismal ratings, or soared to success; one thing remained resolute and that was the refinement of skill. With strong emphasis on performance, every role of Reynolds served as a reminder that imperfections can only be groomed with practice.

It is sad to lose our favorite stars, and it is bluer to lose accolade holders. Reynolds did not only hold an Oscar nomination for his part in Boogie Nights, a Paul Thomas Anderson movie on the X-rated industry, he also had an Emmy for his spectacular portrayal in TV series Evening shade.  His commitment to even the most obscene Hollywood features shimmered from his immense passion for dramaturgy. To sum it all up, his lack of restraint, which won him several awards allows younger actors to seek cues from his performance.

It is possible to affirmatively acquire authenticity from Reynolds’ life. It was his amiable disposition that denied him from all hate, even in times of serious controversy. He would crack jokes about his own moot psyche meanwhile making decisions that ensured glee in his life.  Reynolds was generous and loving. Reynolds former wife acclaimed his meekness and hilarity, even after his death.

His Great Personality

On a personal front, Burt Reynolds did never shy away from controversy. After a highly publicized relationship with a 20 year older Shore, Reynolds had an ugly marriage which culminated with an ugly divorce. Reynolds never complained that his life on public display, while withstanding its utter transparency. He remained unaffected by public prejudice and scrutiny, and continued with what mattered most to him: his work.

The analogy of issues pertaining Reynolds’ health issues offer an unmatched enterprise. Reynolds forcefully retired from his athletic passion following a knee injury. He opted for acting, as an alternative career path, and was very effectively able to justify his new profession

As Arnold Schwarzenegger puts it : “He was a trailblazer. He showed the way to transition from being an athlete to being the highest paid actor, and he always inspired me. My thoughts are with his family.”

The ex NFL player’s knee injury was just an icing on the cake; his acting career involved a long battle against alcoholism that rendered a decline in his mental and physical capabilities. There was also a jaw injury, subject to which Reynolds’ health declined drastically. It is presumed that the star was suffering from AIDS, leading to him not being employed for these 2 years.

Even under the most somber circumstances, Reynold remained steadfast. Circumventing round the most colossal of obstacles, the narrative of Reynolds’ life presents a lesson that is galvanizing even in the wariest of times.

We hope his soul rests in peace.

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