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Jimmy Fallon, Sting & The Roots’ quarantine remix

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Jimmy Fallon is back with an all-new episode from his home edition. The fans are still crazy for the show and are in awe of their host making content even in quarantine.

Jimmy Fallon has a new remix for us

On April 9, 2020, Jimmy Fallon invited Sting and The Roots on his home edition show via video call. What he had in mind was to make a remix of the 1980’s hit of The Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”. If you haven’t heard the song, the name itself shows that it is quite apt for the current circumstances. Judging by Jimmy’s geniuses, we can imagine this song turning into a hit.

For this particular remix, Jimmy Fallon wanted to go all work-from-home. Basically, Jimmy Fallon changed his classroom instruments segment to the at-home instruments segment. So he had the members of Sting and The Roots use musical instruments in their home. Not only that but he made some of them improvise with household objects. Let’s look at the list of instruments used for the remix. Sting was just as you guessed, using a guitar and leading the whole thing. Questlove had scissors and forks. Black Thought was using a hair pick. And an example of household objects – Dave Guy using two sneakers. Kamal Gray was with a game of Connect 4. So each member used their instrument and made a separate video. Which was then put together to make a “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” remix.

This isn’t the only musical performance that has happened in Jimmy Fallon’s home edition of the show. Before this episode, other performers include Adam Sandler, Demi Lovato, and Marcus Mumford.

Listen to Jimmy Fallon and the guys with the new remix below:

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